The Reopening of Tanzania

In 2020, Covid 19 turned down the volume on the world. The Serengeti became a very quiet place and the wildlife were restaking their claim. Now the sun rises on a new year and we restake ours.

WATCH THIS VIDEO of the reopening of Tanzania and learn why this moment in time is offering us all a very special wildlife viewing experience like we’ve never seen before.

“Who you choose as your safari company right now, because of the pandemic, is probably more important than it’s ever been. Even before social distancing, that’s what ADS was doing. They were offering their clients remote safaris, private, customizable and they specialize in getting you away from the crowd so you can just be in the presence of animals.” – Guest / Jeff Smith

“We’re not everything to everybody. We don’t try to be. We have a very specific niche and we only offer trips to Tanzania.” – Sharon Lyon / ADS Safari Specialist

“I’ve been on safari so many times and I run into people who have booked with a travel agency and that company put them in the South Serengeti during the dry season! When the migration is up in the North Serengeti. They talk to me and I regrettably have to tell them, you’re staying in the wrong place.” – Dawn Anderson / ADS Safari Specialist

For the adventurous traveler, the opportunity to go to the Serengeti and have a unique experience has never been better.

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  1. I must say, we loved our safari, December, January 2014 with our daughter son in law and grandchildren. Dawn, you booked it for us and Kyla. Our driver was Elson, my grandaughter just remembered his name for me, he eas wonderful.
    I understand this would be a great time to go back, animals would be do undisturbed what time eould you recommend since we were there in winter before? Think I’d love to be there in the birthing season but migration would be interesting too. And of course one would have yo think about flying in Covid times.
    Please get on touch, Dawn.