Asti and her Five Cubs

For those guests with safaris coming up this year, keep an eye out for a mother cheetah named Asti and her five cubs currently ranging in the eastern regions of the Central Serengeti (specifically in the plains and valleys around Sametu Kopjes.) It’s very difficult for mother cheetahs to raise large litters to independence, which happens at roughly 18 months.

Many cheetah cubs are killed by the larger carnivores of the Serengeti including lions and hyenas. However, there have been several incredible cases over the last couple years of mother cheetahs raising five and even six cubs to independence in the Serengeti National Park.

Good luck Asti and good luck to those guests with safaris this year…we hope you are able to capture a photo of this beautiful cheetah family!

To find out more about the cheetah conservation that we sponsor in the Serengeti, please visit our ADS Local Partnerships section.

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