Travel for Good: Safari Adventures that Give Back

When guests travel to Tanzania, not only are they moved by the beauty of its natural resources, but also by the graciousness of the local people. In appreciation for all the inspiration this amazing country has to offer, each safari trip with Africa Dream Safaris aims to give back to Tanzania and its local community.  It is our privilege to support FAME – The Foundation for African Medicine & Education. This humanitarian project is entirely focused on advancing quality medical care in rural Tanzania. We proudly sponsor their efforts to impact the lives of local people in real tangible ways. Below is an update of how this important organization is responding to the vital needs of the Tanzanian community in response to Covid-19.

Photo by FAME / A vital signs station relocated outside of their Outpatient Department

Tanzanians, along with people all over the world, are facing the incredible challenges that the Covid-19 crisis brings to each community. FAME is making adjustments to their systems and protocols to ensure the safety of their patients, staff and visitors while helping people understand the implementation of new strict guidelines.

Photo by FAME / Head Nurse, Siana Nkya, demonstrates safety procedures for leaving the “red zone” in the isolation unit to local healthcare providers.

With community safety and education as a top priority, FAME has taken the initiative to coordinate with the government’s Ministry of Health and the Tanzanian CDC to create videos, training materials, and online groups to circulate essential information regarding infection prevention and decontamination.

With limited equipment, they are challenged to be resourceful with what is available to their team. FAME has developed protocols and guidelines based on WWO and CDC recommendations to monitor inventory of critical supplies and has ordered additional essential medications in preparation for supply chain disruptions. They have strategically positioned PPE readiness packages and contamination checklists where they will be needed and have enlisted local tailors and producers to make back-up protective gear.

The Maternity Center at FAME is a crucial unit at the facility that has made sweeping progress in maternal health throughout Tanzania. With the threat of the Covid-19 virus, staff has taken further precautions to keep pregnant women, new mothers and newborns insulated and safe from those suspected of infection.

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