Wildlife Conservation and Beyond….

After many years of excursions and Safaris around the world, I have finally assembled my favorite photographs on my new website. One of the primary purposes of my site is to promote the conservation of endangered species in Africa, particularly Tanzania, a country near and dear to my heart.

I actively contribute to the PAMS, NGO, and through your support, will contribute $1.00 to PAMS, for every purchase you make. The most economic and useful purchase is a digital download of my photographs, which will be full resolution, from which you can make your own prints. Prints and wall art can also be ordered from within my web site. My photos make excellent desktop backgrounds and screen savers, and display particularly well on large monitors as they are very high resolution photos.

If you appreciate my photography and conservation efforts, please forward my website on to your friends and family. Just click on my logo below to be taken directly to my site.

Happy Holidays to you all…..

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