Top 10 Reasons to Visit St Judes while on Safari with ADS

The School of St Jude is a charity funded school that provides a free, high-quality primary and secondary education to over 1,600 of the poorest, brightest children of Arusha region, Tanzania, East Africa. The school, located across three campuses, also provides boarding for 1,100 students, and employs over 450 Tanzanians. It was founded by Australian Gemma Sisia in 2002.

(all photos by School of St. Jude)

1. To be at the gateway of the most iconic national parks in Africa like the Serengeti and pay reverence to Mt Kilimanjaro, Africa’s highest mountain.

2. To be warmly welcomed into the family home of a St Jude’s student and learn the true meaning of a free, high-quality education.

3. To meet passionate volunteers from all over the world.

4. To broaden your children’s experience of the world. They will have fun while learning lifetime lessons.

5. To see for yourself how a successful nonprofit is spending its donated money wisely.

6. To give back. It feels good and you get to have fun at St Jude’s while doing it!

7. To make real connections with interesting people from Africa and travelers from the world over.

8. To get to know a great educational institution supported by Africa Dream Safaris.

9. To meet our founder, Gemma Sisia, and hear firsthand the challenges and triumphs in establishing one of the most successful educational projects in Africa.

10. To build a trove of indelible memories guaranteed to stay with you 20, 30 or 50 years from now.

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