Permanently Capturing Those Safari Memories…

As a potential new offering from ADS, we are investigating utilizing a professional photographer and fellow safari enthusiast to assemble your digital safari pictures and narration, along with portions of his photography, wildlife and location descriptions. Your book would be custom made ensuring it meets your own personal requirements but at same time providing for a simple, economical and convenient way to permanently capture the essence of your safari experience in a coffee table book format, which can be readily shared with family and friends.

In this digital camera era and with our busy lives, we are finding the majority of our guests taking thousands of pictures during the course of their safari but seldom are those great digital images printed and organized into a photo album type format. Hopefully, this will not be the case anymore as we plan to be able to utilize 20 or so of your favorite safari photos along with your brief narration to produce a glossy, hard bound book that will surely become a fitting tribute to your safari.

For a brief period while we fine tune the format and method for integrating your safari pictures and narration into a book on the Serengeti and African wildlife, in general, we would like to offer an introductory price for past ADS guests of $100 for your own custom safari photo book.  If you are interested or for further information, please email or contact your safari consultant.

Example excerpt below:

    1. Hi Elliott,

      I would be happy to answer any detailed questions and will provide some broader information here. The book encompasses a large variety of Serengeti species, from birds, reptiles to all the major carnivours. I provide specific information on the particular animal and some background on how the photo was captured. In the books current format, it is 13×10, and some of the full page photos are larger than 8×10.

      One of the primary purposes of the book is to make it very personalized as to your needs. I would work with you directly on the page layouts, utilizing up to 20 of your own photos, and your own descriptions. It will become a very personal keepsake of your Safari adventures. Please feel free to contact me directly if you have a question specific to your needs.

  1. Hi Michael ,any other pictures or information on this photo album ? i would like to see its cover. thanks again for a great trip.well done ……………

    1. Hi Bob… I would be happy to send you some additional photos from my book, including the current cover. The book is hardbound with a photo jacket, and cover and back photo printed on the hardcover as well. Is there a particular animal species you are interested in? The book also includes some full page landscapes.

      In my reply to Elliott above, I provided more information as to the content of the book. And just to reemphasize, my approach will be very collaborative in the final production of the Safari book. I want the book to reflect your Safari adventure as much as possible, along with my photographs to hi-light and describe the Serengeti ecosystem. You can reply to my email address,, and I will send you the cover and specific species photos if I have them available.

  2. What a fabulous option to combine your personal experience with that of a professional. I enjoy looking at the book that I compiled after our trip. It makes me want to return.
    Good job ADS thinking of this enhancement to your already magnificent offerings!

    1. Hi Ginger… Thanks for your positive feedback on our Safari book concept. I can certainly relate to your book, and how it makes you yearn for another ADS adventure!

  3. This is great idea. We would be interested, as we have several photos that need to presented in a book format. Keep us in mind.


    Steve & Suzanne O.