By Francis Peter with John and Glenda

This is ADS guide Francis Peter with a quick bush report. My safari was with a couple from California named John and Glenda. We started the safari on October 5, 2013 when I welcomed my guests to the Mara River airstrip. The first destination on our adventure was the Northern Serengeti and the Mara River area before we drove to our accommodations at Lemala Mara River Camp.

The weather was warm and there had been some recent rain showers. The entire area was very green and the water level of the Mara River seemed to be very high as it was hard to even to cross to the other side. The wildebeest migration had already crossed the Mara River and moved through the Nyamalumbwa plains on the way towards the Lobo and Banagi areas of the North Serengeti.

After exploring the Mara River area we extended our safari to Buffalo Camp for two nights. On our way we witnessed the beautiful scenery of the Serengeti and many difference species of animals. The whole area was covered by thousands of zebras, who are usually the first to lead the wildebeest in the great migration. We also saw large family groups of elephants with babies and a huge herd of African cape buffaloes.

The Central Serengeti was sunny and warm and landscape was considerably drier then the Northern areas we had just visited. There were lots of Thomson Gazelles and other plains antelopes grazing the grasslands. Near the Kopjes we found several lions including a lioness with tiny cubs. Another highlight was a leopard that crossed the road just 2 meters from our vehicle.

After spending one night at Sametu Camp in the Central Serengeti we concluded our safari with two nights at the famous Ngorongoro Crater at Sopa Lodge. It made for a great ending to our trip.

Here are three photos from my safari:

– In the plains just to the southeast of Central Serengeti, we found this lioness with her cubs of about two weeks old.

– Male and female ostrich with chicks near the Mara River.

– A fantastic sight of a giraffe family on the Bologonja circuit in the North Serengeti.

Francis Peter.

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