Over 50 Lions In One Day On Safari!!!

Decided to be in Africa for my 55th B-day and what a great decision that was. Jenni and I decided to go with ADS after narrowing the search for safari tour operators down and we couldn’t have been happier. Dawn did a wonderful job handling all the ins/outs of the trip, plus referring us to Cathy for the airline ticketing was great as well (we really didn’t have to do much for this trip other than complete necessary paperwork and pack).

We saw just about everything and then some. We witnessed some very funny animal behavior (Zebra stallion incessantly chasing a warthog piglet, a Monkey saving a hyrax from an eagle then chasing after the eagle from wherever it landed nearby, and a Hyena playing dead in a puddle on the road). We saw a lot of action and a lot of animals (over 50 lions in one day!!!)

Our guide (Peter “eagle eye” Huka) was amazing. He not only could spot the wildlife but was very informative about everything (animals, trees/vegetation, environment…you name it) and was very accommodating to our needs.

On behalf of ADS, Peter Huka presented me a Masai “elders club” (I really didn’t qualify for being an elder though) and then I received 2 birthday cakes + dinner celebrations at 2 different lodges. Speaking of lodges – our favorite was the Mbalageti lodge, but ALL of them were unique in one way or another and had all the accommodations necessary.

Donald O. and Jennifer B.
Cocoa, Florida
Safari Dates: October 29, 2013 to November 10, 2013

***Nobody wants to have breakfast with me?***

***When you got an itch, you just got to scratch it!!***

***Shhh, I’m playin’ possum!! (yes, he was alive)***

***Right up front for the action!!***

  1. ADS rocks! We, too, had an amazing adventure just a couple of weeks after yours, courtesy of Ellison, Francis, Pokea, Dawn, and Cathy.

    Thanks for sharing your photos and stories! Maybe I’ll go back for my 55th 🙂

    PS – you’re a great-great-elder at the age of 55