By Emmanuel Kichao – My Safari With Sergio and Lydia

Jambo! This is ADS driver-guide Emmanuel with my newest blog posting. I am here to report on my most recent safari with 2 guests that I had from Alberta, Cananda named Sergio and Lydia.  I would also like to share my pictures with the ADS family.

The expedition was a wonderful and great one. This time we started with the Ngorongoro Crater on November 6th, and then continued to the Central Serengeti and finally finished in the North Serengeti on November 14th.

Emmanuel Kichao
ADS Driver-Guide

It was amazing watching several lions playing with a leopard tortoise and lastly one lioness made it to be a nice pillow for her afternoon nap.

At Ngoitoktok picnic area in Ngorongoro crater – I enjoyed been with you my friends – Lydia & Sergio.

A pride of 14 members along Lobo Hill in the North Serengeti. They had a kill which was still fresh. It was during mid-day so everybody is hiding from the sun and taking a nap.

This young cub was busy eating and tempted to us have our lunch close to them.

Vultures devouring a buffalo kill left by lions just a few hours past.

A leopard and cub. We enjoyed watching these two as they were very playful and showing no fear from our presence.

This leopard cub was one of my guest’s favorite sightings.

A rock mouse  found in Ngorongoro Crater.

Lions mating. We found this couple in the Crater along the Munge River.

My clients loved the landscape and the storm up in the mountains. This was along the Malanja depression on our way to the Serengeti.

Cheetahs. Mother and Cub during the evening scanning the plains. This was in the Central Serengeti – Seronera Area.

A Nile crocodile having a sunbath after finishing a meal. This was in Seronera Valley of the Central Serengeti.

Serval cat. We spotted this elusive camp on the Lobo Valley circuit in the North Serengeti. We watched as the serval cat stalked and successfully captured a mouse.

The beautiful Lilac Braested Roller is posing for a picture.

The beautiful scenery of Bologonja Springs in the North Serengeti.

One of the last remaining herds of wildebeest in the Lamai Triangle, North Serengeti. This was very close to the Kenya – Tanzania Border.

A mother cheetah and cub. The mother cheetah was training her young cub to hunt. This was in the Lamai Triangle of the North Serengeti.

We spotted the endangered Black Rhino very close to our vehicle near Mara River in the North Serengeti.

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