By Godson Mbonye – Wedding Anniversary Safari

This is driver-guide Godson Mbonye from the ADS Team reporting from Tanzania. I would like to say hello to all the ADS guests and share with you my most recent safari report.

This time I guided an extra special safari with a couple who were celebrating their Wedding Anniversary on October 18, 2013! My guest’s names were Denyce and Bill and they were visiting from Sandia, Texas. The safari started when I picked up the guests at the Mara River Kogatende Airstrip on October 15, 2013 in the remote area of the North Serengeti. The weather was dry and there has not been much rain. The bridge across the Mara River was free to pass due to the low water level in the river and we immediately headed out to try to spot all three species of big cats.

We spent a total of 8 nights in the bush. We enjoyed 3 nights in the North Serengeti split between Lemala Mara Camp and Migration Lodge, 2 nights at the ADS private camp in the Central Serengeti and a final 2 nights at Ngorongoro Lions Paw Camp on the rim of the Crater. It was a successful safari as we got see all the big five (lion, leopard, rhino, buffalo and elephant) in the Serengeti plus many other species of animals including cheetah, serval cat, spotted hyena, hippo, giraffe, crocodile, zebra, vervet monkey, black backed jackal, wildebeest, monitor lizard, ostrich, baboon and many different species of antelopes and birds.

I hope you enjoy some snapshots that I took while on this magnificent safari. My pictures are as follows:

-A mother cheetah siting on a termite hill and scanning for gazelles to chase.

-Rhinoceros (mother and calf) by the Sand River in the North Serengeti.

-Queen and prince stalking a zebra nearby Naabi hippo pool.

-A black-backed jackal managed to a kill a young Thomson’s gazelle in the Serengeti.

-Zebras at a waterhole in the Serengeti.

-The king of the jungle seen scanning for zebras at Wogakuria in the North Serengeti.

– A beautiful Serengeti wildflower

– Vervet monkey mother and baby on a termite hill

-Grey heron on a dead tree at Naabi hippo pool bridge.

-View of the sunrise at the ADS private camp

-A Serval cat hunting in the Serengeti.

-A leopard getting down from a yellow barked acacia tree in the Serengeti.

-A leopard caught an antelope and took his prey into an acacia tree at Lobo Valley.

-A monitor lizard seen in the valley near Wogakuria rock, North Serengeti.

-Elephants herd near the Mara River at Kogatende.

-Male Ostrich with chicks.

-Crocodiles in the Mara River.

-Male giraffe under an acacia tree.

Godson Mbonye
ADS Guide

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