By Russell Temu – A Magical Experience

Jambo again! My name is Russell Thomas Temu, a professional guide based in Tanzania employed with Africa Dream Safaris. This time I guided a group of 7 persons from the USA. The safari started on June 25th and ended on July 1st, 2013. We had four nights in the Serengeti and two nights in the Ngorongoro. We also visited Lake Manyara National Park for a day trip.

The adventure started in the western side of the Serengeti National Park after watching the wildebeest migration and the giant Nile Crocodiles along the Grumeti River.

Thereafter we had an amazing sighting of a lion pride hunting a wildebeest and preying on it, on our way to the Central Serengeti. In the Central Serengeti around Seronera valley we watched a Cheetah attempt to catch Thomson Gazelle and a mother cheetah with two yearling cubs.

In the Ngorongoro Crater the game viewing was incredible after watching two lionesses fight one lioness. It seems she intruded on their territory though she survived after showing submissive posture and running away. We were also looking for a Black Rhino and came across one lying down about 200 yards away in the plains.

Below are my two favorite pictures which I would like to share with you about this magical experience. The first is a mother cheetah in the Seronera plains of the Central Serengeti and the second is of a pride of lions preying on a wildebeest in the West Serengeti.

Thank you,

Russell T. Temu

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  1. Thank you for a most wonderful trip. I will always remember the great time and introduction into your culture. You are a fantastic, knowledgeable, and professional guide and all of us from USA wish you the best.

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