The Lion Lady’s thoughts – Reverse itineraries

Our ADS company philosophy and founding mission statements govern who we are, what we do and influence the overall quality of our product and our clients experience.

When we established our company we did our due diligence and discovered a niche that was not being accommodated. In utilizing our expertise, the new facilities available such as the scheduled flights and airports etc, we moved the safari business and clients from the archaic ways of the past (which only one very bad road in, no airport or scheduled flights, need to drive in drive out fill all vans with as many people as possible, least expensive way) and we moved into the Present and are prepared for the future as well.

In order to have the true wilderness experience right at the beginning, off the beaten path, utilizing our exclusive game tracks, clients energy is typically higher, when all day game drives are most necessary and most importantly you will be seeing lions, elephants, giraffe, impalas, and possibly cheetah and leopard all in your first couple of hours and days because you will be in premium locations with excellent guides, who are constantly looking for ways to maximize your wildlife viewing and comfort as well. On your last day you will also have as much time on safari game drive as you wish before you head out to Arusha.

Our goal is to give you the best safari packed with wildlife and we do what we do based on our expertise and we simply will not recommend a reverse itinerary as part of our founding mission statement and beliefs.

IF we were to consider doing this, it would dramatically affect and jeopardize the integrity of your safari. It would also drastically negatively affect the quality and quantity of your game viewing. In the long run, you would be unhappy with your ADS safari and we would also be unhappy. Our great reputation would then be soiled by going against our better judgment and our expertise, by doing an inferior itinerary knowing it was not up to our standards of a wildlife intensive safari. I cannot risk our ADS reputation or my reputation and recommend an itinerary or an option that will negatively impact our company.

ADS is not for everyone and we need to continue to stay true to our ADS company philosophy that we all here at ADS believe strongly in.

It also comes down to our potential clients trust and respect of ADS as a whole and trust in our expertise with my personal experience of over 60x’s in the Serengeti.

Asante rafiki
Sharon Lyon


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  1. Hello Sharon:

    My son, Brendan, and I would like your assistance to help us book a safari to East Africa with a focus on photographing the big cats. We would like a 15-day trip (plus 2-3 travel days). Brendan is a wildlife photographer and we are both passionate about animals and the environment. Ideally we would like to take the trip this summer – but we would follow your recommendations regarding the best time of the year.

    I look forward to hearing from you.


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