By Thomson Malekia – Safari with ADS Myers x 2

Safari with David Myers and his grandson Wesley in Tanzania Africa, it was their first time to be in Africa-Tanzania, We started from Northern Serengeti Mara River Camp overnight for two days then drove to Central Serengeti – Seronera – Sametu Camp the home of Cats and overnight there for two days, Ngoro Ngoro Crater via Sametu Kopjes and overnight at Lion’s Paw for one day, and at Kikoti Camp in Tarangire National Park the country jungle for the largest mammal Elephants. It was a lifetime experience he expects to come back next year with his two granddaughters to share this exceptional lifetime experience with.
These are some of the pictures I took during the Safari.
Giraffe in the Serengeti Plain.
Lion chew Zebra at Sametu Kopjes.
Lion after tried to catch Wildebeest at Serengeti.
Herd of Zebras foraging in the Serengeti plains.
Herd of Zebras and Wildebeests foraging in Central Serengeti.
Huge bell Lioness looking around for a Comfort area to cool themselves of at Lobo.
Caracal hunting around Mara River.
Lionesses in a tree at Central Serengeti.
Warthog forage on the bottom of the Crater, Pink background are flamingos.
Thomson Malekia.

Surreal and Phenomenal!

That’s the only way to describe our safari with African Dream Safaris in May 2015. For over 9 days we travelled approximately 1000 miles seeing and experiencing the Serengeti and didn’t want to leave. Those 1000 miles went so fast as we crossed the Serengeti on game drives watching the animals and birds, learning about the culture and people, and seeing the topography as it changed.

The safari was full of excitement with everything from flying in a 12 seat bush plane to sleeping in tented lodges and hearing the lions roar at night to having lunch in the middle of the Wildebeest gathering for the Mass Migration.

This exceptional trip would not have been possible without Dawn Anderson’s guidance and professionalism. Dawn answered all our questions and planned and delivered a safari beyond all expectations.

Russ, our guide, was the best!!! Russ was a walking encyclopedia of information teaching us about the animals and birds, people and culture, land and topography and so much more in a fun and enjoyable way. Russ made us feel safe and secure and made sure it was “our safari”.

There were so many wonderful experiences made even better by Russ’ deep experience and knowledge including when to “wait” and see what happens. For example, we “waited” and witnessed a herd of 200 to 300 elephants reverse course and cross the road right in front of us: being on an early morning game drive and having a lion walk across the plains right up to our Landover: seeing the Pigmy Falcon catch and devour a grasshopper: watching the Grey Crowned Crane strut itself in a mating dance, and so much more.

Then, of course, there was the fabulous lodging and even more fabulous food. And, lastly, there was the Landrover, so comfortable with plenty of room and all to ourselves.

The best recommendation we can make is “go on safari” with African Dream Safaris and experience the wonders and the serenity of the Serengeti. African Dream Safaris will exceed your expectations and deliver an up close and personal experience customized just for you!!

Elizabeth and Jeff B.
Warren, New Jersey
Safari Dates: May 21, 2015 to May 29, 2015

ADS Set Up A Mobile Camp Just For The Four Of Us.

After much research and thought my wife and I decided to use ADS for the safari portion of our trip to Africa. We were persuaded by their reputation and flexibility and their commitment to the country and people of Tanzania that they would be able to provide us with the experience we were looking for.

Our flight to Kilimanjaro for the start of the safari was somewhat delayed. Nevertheless, when we arrived at close to midnight we were greeted on the tarmac by Mattheus, who moved us swiftly through customs and brought us to the safari vehicle where Francis, our guide, driver, companion, teacher and friend for the next 12 days was waiting for us.

We drove to Arusha for some much needed sleep and the following morning, after the first of many fine meals provided by the hotels, lodges and camps that ADS had booked and set up for us, met up with Francis and our two friends from home who would be joining us for the safari.

Our first park was Lake Manyara where Francis quickly demonstrated his ability to spot, identify and discourse upon the many different animals and birds we encountered. As we got to know Francis we learned of his broad range of interests and knowledge and of his particular expertise when it came to the flora and fauna of Tanzania and the Serengeti.

Seeing the Big Five was not a major focus of our trip. However, we had only the leopard to go after our first two days and Francis took care of that a few days later, somehow spotting a leopard in the crook of a tree on the Serengeti.

Our time with ADS was an unqualified success. We had the experience we came for. We saw everything we wanted to see and ADS assured our comfort and safety through every stage of our time with them. In particular, we will always remember the 3 days on the Central Serengeti plain where ADS set up a mobile camp just for the four of us.

They provided for our every need, including some of the best meals (from a wood fired oven and wood fired stove) we had on the entire trip. I could not possibly say enough about the staff that took care of us while we were there.

The tents were amazing, with king size beds, running water, hot showers and all the comforts of home, except that your door step was the Serengeti, lions were 100 yards away, and the night sounds were unlike anything we had ever heard before.

Along with all of that there were some wonderful surprises that I’m not going to ruin by mentioning, but were an example of the lengths ADS went to make our trip as memorable as possible.

Steve W. and Jamie T.
Santa Rosa, California
Safari Dates: May 27, 2015 to June 7, 2015