New Treetop Walkway In Lake Manyara National Park

A new treetop walkway is set to open during July 2016 in Lake Manyara National Park. This 500 meter walkway is located next to the park gate and consists of a series of hanging bridges reaching a height of 18 meters. Each of the nine hanging bridges will end with a viewing deck where one can view many different species of birds as well as the opportunity to see the three species of primates (blue monkey, vervet monkey and baboon) that inhabit the jungle like groundwater forest.

Last year an elevated boardwalk was constructed over the lake itself, which overlooks hippos and flamingos. Please refer to this article here for more information: New Lake Manyara Boardwalk. Lake Manyara National Park is arguable one of the most underrated parks in Africa as it’s overshadowed by the nearby Serengeti and Ngorongoro. However, the park really does offer some tremendous game viewing opportunities.