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First, I would like to thank Dawn Anderson and the team at ADS for their attentiveness to all our needs and the special things they did to make our safari a DREAM COME TRUE! From booking the trip to the moment we stepped off the plane in Kilimanjaro and were whisked away to the private VIP lounge for visa and passport processing, every aspect of our trip was PERFECTION.

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We Witnessed The Great Migration On The Very First Day!

Where do I begin to thank you for our trip of a lifetime! It was at the very top of our bucket list and we are so happy we could share the experience with our two sons. Our family of four had the most amazing time spending 8 days on Safari on the Serengeti from August 21, 2016 to August 28, 2016.

From the moment we landed in Kilimanjaro until when we brought to the airport, the ADS staff was there to make sure our vacation was an experience of a lifetime. I would be remiss by not saying thank you to the wonderful ADS staff that helped us book our trip. It was a pleasure dealing with the staff in California. They were true professionals.

The very first day on safari, we witnessed the Great Migration of thousands of wildebeest and zebra to Tanzania through the Mara River. What a way to start the safari. Throughout the week, our guide made sure we observed elephants, hippos, lions, gazelles, zebras, giraffes, warthogs, baboons and so much more. Our days were packed with great sightings and experiences. We could not have asked for anything more.

The accommodations were fantastic. We loved staying so close to the animals and listening to the sounds of the animals at night. We always felt very safe because of the professionalism of the staff at the locations of our accommodations. It was truly a magical experience.

We enjoyed relaxing at the campfire followed by dinner each night. The sunsets were gorgeous.

Our guide, Roman, was so experienced and well versed in the habits of all the wildlife. Thank you Roman for making this trip, the trip of a lifetime!!! I know that nothing we do in the future will ever match the experience we had on our safari with ADS.


Colleen and Bart F.
Hampton, New Hampshire
Safari Dates: August 21, 2016 to Augsut 28, 2016

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Three Moments In Tanzania That Took My Breath Away

My daughter Emma and I just returned from a safari of a lifetime with Africa Dream Safaris. We could not be happier with what Sharon Lyon helped us to arrange.

Everything was as advertised. We were met by Matteus at the gate at Kilimanjaro Airport and swiftly escorted through the Visa and Customs process and taken to the Mount Meru Hotel. We opted for a layover day in Arusha and given a tour by Matteus and Joseph. This ADS Meet and Greet Team could not have been nicer.

The next day we flew out to the Western Corridor of the Serengeti and met by our guide Emmanuel(Ema). They say a safari guide can make or break one’s experience and we certainly lucked out. He was everything we could ask for: personable, experienced, very knowledgeable, and had a great sense of humor. He quickly realized what kind of an experience we were looking for and made it happen. As you can see with the attached photos he was able to find and then put us very close to some magnificent animals.

We spent the first three nights at Mbalageti Luxury Lodge, the next two at Seronera Sametu Camp, and the last two at Lion’s Paw Camp. They were all great, but the two tented camps (Sametu and Lion’s Paw Camps) were even more special because we happened to be the only guests there those nights so we were treated like Royalty.

I think Emma had some reservations about sleeping in tents prior to the trip but quickly found out this was not camping as either of us had ever known. From the on-demand bucket showers to the hot water bottles in our beds at night, we were pampered. We also ate very well while on our safari. It is amazing how well these chefs do at cooking wonderful meals in these remote locations. The soups were the best. We even had a special cake baked just for us on our last night.

We did not do a lot of the optional tours and visits while on safari because we were there to see the animals. We did however do a Hot Air Balloon ride which was excellent. ADS scheduled it to optimize our game viewing from above. Seeing the sunrise and all those animals from a balloon will forever be in our memories.

ADS quotes Mark Twain: “Life should not be measured by the number of breaths we take, but by those moments that take our breath away.” Thanks to ADS I had three such moments while in Tanzania. The first was when Ema parked us in the middle of the great migration and there were thousands of wildebeests and zebras in all directions. The second was when we first saw the vast expansiveness of the Serengeti Plains dotted with assorted animals spread out between the Kopjes. The third moment that took my breath away was when we first looked down over the rim of the Ngorongoro Crater.

We spent years preparing for this trip. You can read the books, look at the pictures, and watch the videos on Africa. But there is no way you can get a feel for what it is truly like. You need to be there yourself to see it, to hear it, and to even smell it. Only then can you get full appreciation. Africa Dream Safaris can make this happen for you.

Derek and Emma F.
Francestown, New Hampshire
Safari Dates: June 1, 2016 to June 10, 2016

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Our Serengeti Safari-Anniversary, Birthday And Gluten Free Diet

Asante Sana ADS. This was exactly what we asked for and you delivered!

This was my second trip to Africa, having climbed Mt Kilimanjaro in June of 2013. On the way back to the States I was introduced to ADS by a couple sitting next to me who were talking about the safari they had just completed. They told me it was the best trip they had ever been on. When I inquired who the outfitter was they said ADS. ADS became the basis of all our research into safaris and in the end they won hands down! Thanks to Dawn for the personal attention to detail and patience with all our questions.

Having been in the Southern Hemisphere a couple of times my wife and I know the results of long travel times and how tiring it is. With that in mind we opted to spend an extra day in Arusha and head out on safari well rested. Very wise decision on our part. We were met at the airport by Mateas and Peter. They ushered us thru the Visa and immigration areas with a minimum of delay. We were taken to the Mount Meru Hotel, which is a splendid property and served us well for two nights. The evening of the second night we were treated to a special anniversary dinner served up in a private gazebo with a candle lit table. Nicely done.

The next morning we flew directly to the Mara River Camp and began our safari there. We saw four of the big five on the very first day and the fifth came soon after! Finding a black rhino with her baby on our first day was impressive. Loved just driving along and stopping because “oh, there’s a herd of elephants” or “oh, look at the giraffe with her baby”!

We saw not one, not two, but three migration crossings. I could not do it justice in this space. I would recommend viewing the CD “Planet Earth” or “Africa” to watch the migration and you will then know what amazing is. Later, more about our wonderful guide who made it all possible.

Our drive to the Lobo valley was long and dusty, but well worth the trek. Here we saw lots of lions both male and female, lots of cubs, a number of cheetahs and rare sightings of leopards. We were able to watch a cheetah hunt and kill. It was actually quite quick and humane.

Our final stop was at the Ngorongoro Crater. I believe this is the largest crater in the world that supports wildlife, and does it ever. Elephants, rhinos, giraffes, lions, buffalos, zebras, warthogs, hyenas, cheetahs, a serval cat, and more.

The accommodations at Lion’s Paw Tented Camp were excellent, as were all the camps. The tent camps were impressive, providing comfortable accommodations in not easy conditions. A queen sized bed, bathroom and shower in a tent, really! A warm “bucket” shower at the end of a long of day of game driving was most welcomed. The personnel at all the camps were truly outstanding, leaving nothing to want. At dinner in camp one evening my wife was treated to a birthday greeting in Swahili and a delicious birthday cake. Being zipped into the tents at night knowing we might hear lions, hippos, cape buffalo or possibly elephants right outside is an experience hard to explain.

In addition to the animal sitings listed earlier I would mention jackal, baboon, crocodile, eagle, vulture, eland, wildebeest, gazelle, impala, hippo, trees and birds too numerous to mention. Any attempt to include all here would be an exercise in carpel tunnel fatigue.

Last but certainly not least, two very important features that made this a trip of a lifetime. Wilfred, our driver/guide, was quite simply the BEST. There was not a question he did not have an answer to, and there were many. How he managed to maneuver the Land Cruiser thru some of that terrain was beyond belief. He found animals that were not visible to the naked eye. He was able to position us to get the best possible photo shoot. Above all he has great respect for the land and the environment which served us so well. He is truly a fine gentleman.

The second item was one I mentioned in the title, gluten free diet. My wife suffers from Celiac disease and is very sensitive to gluten whether in the food itself or cross contamination during preparation. We are happy to say she made the entire twelve days without incident. Something that is difficult to do at home with far better circumstances. Bravo to the cooks and advance work by ADS.

Indeed a trip to be remembered!

La La Salama,

Melanie & Ed G.
Londonderry, New Hampshire
Safari Dates: October 3, 2014 to October 12, 2014

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We counted 17 lions in one pride!

Landed at the airstrip and 2 hours later we’ve got the Wildebeest migration in full swing. The next day, our first full day, we get Lion and Leopard. The next photo is a view from our patio. I know it’s a tent, but I’ve stayed in a lot of hotel rooms that were miserable by comparison. I’ve also drank in a lot of bars that could not match the quality and selection of the drinks at Buffalo Springs. A very pleasant camp run by wonderful people, and a lovely area, we wished we could stay another day.

Nice lion action the next day. Note the nursing cub. No problem finding Cape Buffalo. These two were part of a large herd. Somewhere under that “flock” of vultures is a carcass of some kind. A little later we found another carcass that the lions were not done with yet. We counted 17 lions, I think. Dana’s favorite was the Giraffes.

A big buck Impala with his harem. Hunter decides to “get down” with the Masai. According to Ally, our guide, he does not see African Wild Dogs even once a year. You don’t see Elephants next to the average swimming poor. Treetops, another magical place. Cheetahs! Another uncommon sighting.

Hope you like the photos as much as I loved my safari!

Joe Whittington
Hampton Falls, New Hampshire
Safari Dates: October 3, 2012 to October 11, 2012

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We Took 10,000 Safari Photos

It’s been a week since we have been back, and I just can’t stop looking at our pictures. Between our two families we took 10,000 african safari photos, not including the endless amount of video. Everyone asks how our trip was and it’s always one word, AMAZING!

We were so happy with our Safari that Africa Dream Safari planned for us. We really loved our guides Englebert and Omari. They were so knowledgeable about the Serengeti and all the wildlife that live there. We were picked up every morning early and spent the whole day in the jeep watching, asking questions and singing.

The kids were so enthusiastic and engaged to the point they hardly sat down. They enjoyed the chocolate, biscuits, and drinks that were provided everyday along with the lunches. I think we saw every animal that lives in the Serengeti except for the nocturnal ones. Englebert and Omari never missed an animal they could spot a leopard in a tree from miles away. It became a game for my son to see if he could find one before them, this never happened.

Our highlights were the elephant charging the jeep (Omari quickly got us out of danger) and the three cheetah we saw take down a wilderbeast. Englebert and Omari felt like family and we were all so sad to say goodbye to them in the end. They took good care of us and we really appreciated their company.

The lodges we stayed at were all so beautiful, my particular favorite was the Crater Lodge, I think I could live there! The Bilila Lodge and The Escarpment Camp were right up there in comfort and beauty as well. We stayed at the tent in Seronera Sametu Camp, which was a nice change. There we met another special person, Jonas, He had such a nice demeanor and took great care of us, we all just genuinely took to his great smile and quiet kindness. Everywhere we stayed we were pleasantly surprised with how good the food was. Hospitality was awesome as well.

I Have recommended this trip to so many friends and hope someone will go on it and have the trip of a lifetime like we did.

The Deary Family
Campton, New Hampshire
December 2011

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