This Is Not a Vacation It Is a Lifetime Experience

On the second day of our safari in March of 2019 I asked my wife, “How do you like our vacation?” “It is not a vacation, it is a lifetime experience!” she replied. The next 13 days totally verified how true that statement was. All of our senses filled us with wonder, joy and extraordinary new memories throughout the trip.

It all started a year before our trip when I suggested that we take a trip to Africa. I have been to South Africa twice and wanted to share what I had seen with my wife who had never been to Africa. At first she was reluctant but I kept sending her information and videos about African safaris from my searches on the Internet and ultimately she decided a trip to Africa was a good idea.

As luck would have it one of my friends posted online about his trip with Africa Dream Safari (ADS). I called him and he told me that this was his second trip with ADS and that a mutual friend of ours had also used ADS for two trips to Tanzania. They both told me about how well they were looked after and the wonderful time they had on their trips.

The fact that both of my friends had taken two trips with ADS and had only good things to say about their trips spoke volumes to me. Our search for a company to take us on safari was over.

I have read the testimonials that others have posted about their trip with ADS. They have all said great things about their trips and I agree with those sentiments. The camps and the meals were top notch.

Our guide, Arnold, was always looking out for animals for us to observe and stunning sites for us to see. He had a great eye for positioning our vehicle so we could get a great view of the animals, while also being mindful of putting us in the best light for taking photographs.

Since we had Internet at each camp I was able to share a “Photo of the Day” with a number of our family members, who were back in the States. My only problem was picking which ONE of the many wonderful pictures I took each day to share. I have been told by a number of those to whom I sent photos that they were excited to see what the photo was about each day.

One of the things I learned from Arnold was that the migration is constantly happening throughout the year. The animals primarily involved are zebras and wildebeests. The wildebeests are great a detecting rain/water which they follow around the country. The zebras have figured out that if they join the wildebeests they will always find fresh grass to eat.

The zebras are able to eat the long tough grass stems while the wildebeests’ broad muzzles are better able to closely crop the short grasses. Other animals would join the main herd from time to time and participate in the migration. Predators stay in specific areas of the country so they are there when the migration comes through. Since the migratory animals move around Tanzania in a clockwise rotation throughout the year there are always new sights and animal activities to experience.

We thoroughly enjoyed our trip to Tanzania. It was wonderful to go on a trip where every aspect was organized and every detail was taken care of so all we had to do was experience what was there for us. We give a heartfelt thank you to everyone associated with ADS for making this happen.

Marvin and Amy O.
Springfield, Oregon
March 07, 2019 to March 21, 2019

    1. Your photos are fantastic- makes me want to go again! Our experience with ADS 10 years ago was equally fabulous. I can’t recommend them highly enough

      Kay and John Foster
      Austin, Texas

  1. Great photos!! Do you mind sharing what type of camera and length of lens with me ? Thank you!

    1. Happy to share. I used a Nikon Z 6 with a 200 – 500 Nikkor lens. I used back button focus and really liked it. Had a great time taking photos.

  2. Good pics Marv. I knew that you and Amy would have a great trip. Sue and I are planning trip #3!.

    1. I know you will have as much fun as we did. Maybe even more since it is your third time there. Thanks for telling me about ADS.