A Safari In Tanzania Should Be At The Top Of Everybody’s Bucket List

We’ve just returned from the trip of a lifetime! We were a group of six and were looking for a private tour company that could provide the best of what Africa has to offer. Africa Dream Safaris was the tour company that was recommended to us as the best, most attentive and most reliable. Our expectations were high but we were not prepared for the magnitude of what were about to experience.

Right from the inception, Michael Wishner provided guidance, knowledge and patience in our planning stages. He was always available to answer every question, large or small and to provide us with helpful advice; everything from what to take to where to stay to which camera to purchase and he was bang-on in his suggestions. His experience and knowledge were beyond measure.

Our guide, Roman, provided his expert eye, unbelievable knowledge, sensational personality, and good nature and quickly became one of ‘the family’. We were heartbroken when we had to leave him. He truly is a special person and we will always be grateful to have met, spent time with him and benefited from his depth of knowledge.

Aside from the fantastic game drives and animal viewing, ADS helped us to actualize some of our other dreams. For example, they facilitated a visit a Masai village, set up an excursion to the Hadzabe Tribe who still lead the same hunter-gatherer lifestyle that has sustained their people for generations and set up a visit to the School of St. Jude, all experiences that enhanced our trip and allowed us to partake in the culture and people of Tanzania and the Serengeti.

Our trip was so well rounded, every day was a completely new and exciting experience. Our lodging was incredible as we moved every second day to a new and wonderful camp/lodge. We particularly loved the Seronera Sametu Camp and instantly bonded with Jonas who runs it. We also stayed at Lake Masek Tented Lodge, Escarpment Lodge and Tarangire Tree Tops Lodge, all of which had something new and exciting to offer.

One of the many highlights of our trip was a rare, horrifying and mesmerizing lion fight. It seems that a lone, rather malnourished lion, probably looking for food and shelter ventured into the midst of another lion pride. It was a brutal fight in which four females and one male lion attacked this one young male and left him for dead. A very sad, yet intriguing occurrence that we were fortunate to witness.

Overall, this trip exceeded every one of our expectations by a large margin. A safari in Tanzania should be at the top of everybody’s ‘bucket list’ and African Dream Safari is the tour company to use. Guaranteed to make your African dreams a reality!!!!

Lesley Y. and Lon H.
Toronto, Canada
Safari Dates: January 18, 2018 to January 28, 2018

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  1. This is my most favorite of all the trips back to Africa. All my most loved animals and such great photos.

    1. I used a Nikon P900 camera which had a great zoom lens. It was an ADS recommend and was the best purchase that I made.

  2. Looking for a safari for 3 older women interested in 5 star accommodations for sleeping interested in seeing cats and gorillas not to strenuous age 75 ,76 and 80 of women hoping to do this June 2018

  3. So happy to learn you had a Nikon P900! I just bought one and so just
    beginning to learn how to us it! What settings did you use the most to capture the clear up close shot of the animals?
    Any other hints? I would appreciate any advice!
    Thank you

  4. Great photos!!!!! Your safari sounds incredible!!! We have visited Jonas’s camp twice and your photos bring back such strong memories that I want to go back again. Thank you for sharing!!!!

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