The ‘Best Of’ Green Season Safari Adventures

April is always a show stopper in the Serengeti. Safari guests are treated to the spectacle of the Great Migration with herd sizes so vast, they defy description. During this lush Green Season, over a million wildebeests are concentrated primarily in the Matiti and Macau plains in the South Eastern Serengeti. This herd stretches west to Ndutu and Lake Masek thrilling our clients who stay in the lodges and tented camps within these areas. LEARN MORE about traveling in the green season or CREATE YOUR OWN ITINERARY during this magical time of year. Below are some of our favorite guest testimonials from trips to Africa in April.

The plains are also plentiful with eland and gazelles.

Big cat lovers will not be disappointed with frequent sightings of both nomadic and pride lions particularly around Gol and Sametu Kopjes this time of year.

Cheetah are also a relatively frequent sight in the plains where many hunts can be witnessed at close range. While this aspect does not appeal to everyone, it can be rewarding to see the endangered cheetah, limited to around just 500 in the entire Serengeti, thriving. Leopard can be spotted during the Green Season in the Seronera Valley along with members of the Maasai Kopjes and Makoma Hill Lion Prides.

In a captivating video, our safari guest Jim Moran captures this thrilling chase – a cheetah hunting a wildebeest out in the Serengeti bush.

During the Green Season, large breeding herds of elephant can be found in the Lobo and Seronera Valleys while giraffe and impala are plentiful in all of the Acacia Woodlands.

In April, bird lovers are often treated to the sight of many colorful migrants enjoying their last few weeks before beginning their long journey home across the relentless sands of the Sahara and back to Europe.

Some of the best safari stories we’ve heard from guests after they return from Tanzania are from April safaris. Check out three of them below!

1 / The first safari is from our guest Ann E. from Aviano, Italy who has traveled to Africa with us FIVE times! This safari story, from April of 2017  highlights the first time she discovered the wonders of Tanzania solo which she explains as a truly special experience unlike any other.

“I have a deeply personal love for the big cats, the elusive leopard in particular, and any and all “babies.” Of course experiencing the thrill that comes from witnessing the great migration was also on top of my wish list! Seeking these things out became our main priority and dare I say, thanks to my guide Rafael, I was not to be disappointed!”

2 / The second safari is from our guests Ariadne Van Zandbergen and Philip Briggs during the green season in 2016. As a professional wildlife photographer and travel guide, this pair was traveling for a third time to Tanzania with us.

“In total we have visited Tanzania more than a dozen times, but our safaris with A.D.S. never disappoint. This time was no exception. We’ll be back again and we can highly recommend Africa Dream Safaris to any visitors to Tanzania, whether you are first time visitors to Africa or bush fundies like ourselves.”

3 / The 3rd April safari story that comes to mind is one told by our guest Mary M. of Los Angeles, California. The wildlife photography from her trip was spectacular. Check out her close encounters!

“I have lived overseas for over 25 years and have traveled extensively on many wonderful trips but have to say this is the best trip I have ever been on. I still cannot believe how many animals we were able to see and our ability to get so close. The respect for the habitat and the animals is so important and I feel ADS is certain to make this a priority in each guide they hire.”


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