Your 2018 Travel Bucket List

Setting your New Year’s travel resolutions? Add an african safari to the top of your list. There’s nothing more wondrous than a trip to Tanzania. With awe-inspiring landscapes, unsurpassed wildlife viewing and the most luxurious of accommodations, Africa is sure to offer you the trip of a lifetime.

Putting together a bucket list for the new year is an adventure in itself. To explore the possibilities of a private, custom-tailored safari we’ve made it simple to ‘CREATE YOUR OWN ITINERARY‘. Follow these 6 simple steps for an instant trip outline and quote. Based on your selections, we’ll present you with seasonal highlights for your month of travel, a daily breakdown of the regions and lodges you’ll visit and details on pricing.

No two itineraries are alike. When our guests travel with us to East Africa, they enjoy the exclusive use of a private vehicle providing maximum flexibility, comfort and wildlife viewing. This means no mixed groups, no competing for views with strangers, and no conflicting interests. We have chosen to specialize in Tanzania, which makes us experts in the local wildlife and regions, and allows us to create a special and unique experience for each of our clients. But don’t take our word for it, visit our blog for a collection of guest safari stories gathered over the past 10 years – an archive of stunning wildlife photos and video taken while out in the Serengeti bush.

We hope this brings you some inspiration for planning your own adventures that await you in 2018!


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  1. Researching for safari trip. I don’t know where I want to go, just that I want to! I want to see animals up close and personal in their habitat. Interested in personal trip for my husband and I or maybe a very small group, depending on the size. I don’t know when I want to go, looking for advice. Thank you, looking forward to receiving info. Melody

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