September In The Serengeti – An Adventure Of A Lifetime

For the last 18 months, we have been reading of others experiences in Tanzania with Africa Dream Safaris. Now, we have the opportunity to add our input.

We returned from Tanzania on the 16th of September after eleven days on safari.

To say we had the time of a lifetime is to be conservative. Everything about the trip (except the plane engine that wouldn’t start on our outbound trip to the Netherlands) was perfect.

We’d particularly like to acknowledge all of the efforts of Sharon (Simba Lady). If no one else is, we’re sure she is glad we’re back – and the questions will stop. Another ADS employee that gets all of the thanks possible is our guide, Ellison. He found incredible opportunities for us, while keeping the most interesting roads imaginable manageable. In all seriousness, he made the trip.

The best gauge of how well the trip went – during the last three days, we actually got fussy about the pictures we took OF LIONS.

We’ve included a few of our favorite pictures, we hope you’ll enjoy seeing them as much as we enjoyed experiencing them.

Bev, Mike, Christine, Jack F.
Naperville, Illinois
Safari Dates: September 5, 2015 to September 15, 2015

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  1. Thanks for your pictures and comments! My family is so excited for our upcoming trip that we’re almost bouncing off the walls. Your pictures were amazing! Do you have any recommendations for game drives? Go out early? Stay all day?

    1. I’ve got to admit that 4:00am was a bit early for us, but Breakfast was 6:00 at the latest and the entire day was spent “game driving”. If I can offer one bit of advice: make the animal spotting a group activity. You’ll see much more and the time will fly by even more quickly. (And it’s so much fun identifying ostrich as practically every beast under the sun.)

  2. Definitely get out at sunrise and stay out til sunset!
    There is so much happening in the early mornings then again between 4-6 pm … These are wonderful times to be out. So get your boxed breakfast and lunch and enjoy getting as far out as you can.
    Going back for lunch means spending time going back and forth on the same roads four times a day.
    I envy you your trip … Enjoy every second!

  3. Beautiful pictures Mike & Bev! So glad you enjoyed your trip! It really reminded us of our trip 2 years ago! Glad we were able to help out with the recommendation to use ADS, they are the BEST!!

  4. I look every Friday morning for the pictures of the week. You have some magnificent unique pics. We cannot wait to go back and our trip was only 2 years ago!
    In response to the question about how long to be out….
    PLAN TO BE OUT ALL Day every day. Just when you think you’ve seen it all a situation will present itself with the animals you never anticipated and you will be grateful you were there to see it. Since this isn’t a zoo you can never predict when it will happen.
    Prepare to be amazed

  5. We were there 2 years ago around the same time. We
    love the photos we took but yours were outstanding and
    brought back so many wonderful memories.
    I am sorry we didn’t get out in the morning until
    7 or 7:30 am. (our fault). I hope that I will have
    another opportunity to return. ADS did a wonderful
    job for us also. I still recommend it to my friends.

  6. We’re going Sept 2016 – can’t wait – thanks for the great photos! Hope ours turn out as good. Can you share any tips?
    ADS sure does seem like the way to go!

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