Proposed Wildlife Corridor To Link The Serengeti With Lake Victoria.

The government of Tanzania plans to establish a wildlife corridor to link the Serengeti National Park with Lake Victoria. Currently, the border at the western edge of the Serengeti ends about 2 miles short of Lake Victoria. The proposal would involve establishing a 20 plus square mile wildlife corridor that would extend west from the current border of the Serengeti to the shores of Lake Victoria’s Speke Gulf.

If the corridor were to be established it would ensure that the massive herds of migratory wildebeest, zebra and gazelle would have safe access to the 2nd largest freshwater lake in the world. However, the plan is controversial as it would involve moving about 8,000 people to nearby land outside of the proposed corridor.

The Tanzanian government believes the plan will benefit both people and animals since the people living near the Speke Gulf will benefit from tourism. The tourism industry is the largest foreign currency earner in Tanzania, supporting over 27,000 jobs and generating 25 percent of Tanzania’s foreign exchange. Earnings from tourism hit $1.76 billion in 2013 and they are expected to rise in 2014.

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