‘Watching Bush TV’

I’ve been home now for almost a month and I still picture the vast beauty of the land and the animals cohabitating in the Serengeti. The sun rising over the land in the morning is a picture I will never forget.

Some of my favorite memories are upon arriving at the North Serengeti Kogatende Airstrip to meet our guide driver, a giraffe came walking down the airstrip towards us. I remember thinking how wonderful that my favorite animal came to greet me upon landing in the bush. Little did I know how many animals I would see just the rest of that one day!

The river crossings (we saw 2) were wonderful too. Spending time with my friend “watching bush tv” after a day’s game drive, fun! The highlights are just too many to outline them all.

ADS did a fabulous job of greeting us at the airport in Arusha and getting us to our hotel (no lines, no waiting, just in and out). All of our accommodations were great. My favorite accommodation was Seronera Sametu Camp, the location was fabulous and Jonas was great! But, I loved each and every location for different reasons…being on the Mara River the first 2 nights was very nice. Listening to the animals outside the tent at night, instead of being frightened, was very very cool.

Our guide driver, Thompson, was great at his job and fun to spend time with. All in all, we saw 8 leopards, 79 lions, 2 river crossings, 4 cheetahs, 1 serval cat, 2 rhinos and unlimited zebras, elephants, wildebeests, giraffes, ostriches and other birds, impalas, baboons, gazelles, elands, topis, and what soon became my favorite…the hard to photo because they are too quick…the warthogs.

Thank you ADS and Sharon for a trip of a lifetime!!!

Laura B.
Bellingham, Washington
Safari Dates: September 26, 2014 to October 3, 2014

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