The Unique Behavior Of The Serengeti Cheetah

In this current report, on-site researcher Anne Hilborn has provided us with a wonderfully succinct summary on the Serengeti cheetah’s unique social system. Below is an excerpt while the the full report can be downloaded here: June 2014 Serengeti Cheetah Report Prepared Exclusively for Africa Dream Safaris.

“Cheetahs have a unique social system amongst cats. Instead of having territories like other species, female cheetahs instead roam widely following the gazelle migration. Males can be either solitary or in coalitions with other males, and either territorial or nomadic. Females are solitary except when they have cubs, which they keep with them for about 18 months. After independence from their mother, siblings stay together for 6 months, then the sisters will strike out on their own while brothers will form lifelong coalitions. Adolescence is a socially flexible time. Males without brothers will sometimes find another and form a coalition.”

Africa Dream Safaris helps fund the Serengeti Cheetah Project’s ongoing conservation efforts. In turn, periodic reports are prepared exclusively for Africa Dream Safaris by the on-site researchers for the Serengeti Cheetah Project.