Guide Report – Fantastic Game Drives With James and Connie

Greetings from Arusha, Tanzania. I have just finished my most recent safari with James and Connie who are from Florida, USA. While in the bush (March 13th to March 23rd) we had a wonderful time and nice accommodations too. We stayed 2 nights at at Sametu Camp in Seronera, 2 nights at Lake Masek Tented Camp, as well as 2 nights at Kusini Tented Camp, 1 night in Ngorongoro at Lion’s Paw Tented Camp, 1 night at The Manor, and lastly 2 nights in Tarangire National Park at Swala Tented Camp. I took some photos which I would like to share with you below:

– It was a beautiful morning down in the Ngorongoro Crater when we just arrived and found a whole pride of lions being chased by a huge herd of buffaloes. It was exciting to watch as the buffaloes keep pushing the lions down to road where we were waiting.

– Three male cheetah brothers during a morning hunt on the Ndutu plains as the migratory herds started to arrive back from the Kusini – Simiyu Woodlands.

– Giraffe on the road at Seronera valley.

– A Leopard on acacia tree at Seronera valley.

– A small group of Zebra and wildebeest start arriving in the Central Serengeti. This was on our way to Sametu Camp.

– One of the Sametu Kopjes Brothers. We saw it together with the female on honeymoon. The female was not in the picture as she was lying covered with long grass.

– A lioness playing with her little cub of 4 weeks old at Sametu Kopjes.

– While in game drive at Sametu Kopjes, we came across the two lionesses with eight cubs of six months old eating a hartebeest. It looked freshly killed.

– The Ndutu plains were busy as lots of wildebeests were arriving together with their young. This makes it easy for predators like cheetahs to hunt. This mother cheetah with cubs of almost 1 month old had just caught breakfast.

– A pride of nine lions close to hidden valley. They seem to be full because they were not interested in the wildebeest herds around them.

– These two mates have moved away from the pride for their honeymoon. This was at Kusini Kopjes.

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  1. We did have a wonderful time, in fact the time of our lives. Thank you Emmanuel, not only for all you took us to see and taught us about but also for your honesty returning the $200.00 we misplaced and you found.

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