My Favorite Safari Sighting Was Watching A Cheetah Hunting

What A Trip!!! The safari and all the staff, both in the field and off, exceeded our expectations. When we arrived in Kilimanjaro, we were met at the doors by Faith. She was terrific in expediting our entry into Tanzania.

Then we met our safaris guide, Simon. He was THE BEST!!!! Simon introduced Sally and me to the Serengeti and all the animals, birds and lore that it holds. I attached several of my favorite photos. My personal favorite is the cheetah chasing the wildebeest and zebra looking for the day’s meal. We were able to watch the chase, the kill and the skill the cheetah’s displayed in getting their dinner.

I took over 1000 pictures with many favorites including all the major animals and birds. The tented camps including Sametu Camp and Lion’s Paw Camp were wonderful with Jonas and DC two of our camp staff favorites. I would highly recommend the tent camping for anyone taking a safari. After a day out in the field, it was such a pleasure to be in one of the camps. Sitting outside around the fire or in the tented room enjoying a drink and sharing the day’s adventures, was the perfect way to end the day.

I would recommend ADS to anyone going to Africa. Sharon was very helpful in planning the trip and coordinating the schedule. The Manor of Ngorongoro was the PERFECT place to end the trip. Don’t miss that final place to stay!!!!!

Feel free to contact us for any referrals for future safaris adventurers. We would be glad to help.


Ted and Sally B.
Indianapolis, Indiana
Safari Dates: January 29, 2014 to February 4, 2014

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  1. Just read your post and see you are from Indianapolis, IN. We live in Anderson and will be going on a family safari leaving July 20. Would love to know if there is anything you wished you had known that you didn’t, now that you are back, in regards to packing, flight times etc. our two grandsons ages 10 and 8 will be going along with their parents.

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