Our 9th Safari To Africa!

Deborah and I have traveled to Africa a number of times. In fact we have made eight trips to the continent before our recent tour to Tanzania. We are amateur bird watchers and also very much enjoy viewing all of the unique animal species of Africa. We had previously visited twenty countries in Africa so we had quite extensively covered the continent. However, we have never been to Tanzania and the Serengeti. We had purposely avoided the Serengeti because we had heard many stories about the crowds of tourists that overrun the region. With that said, we finally decided that we really needed to see the Serengeti to fill out our African experiences.

We searched the Internet for a tour company that covers Tanzania and would meet our requirements as seasoned African travelers. I am very pleased to say that we discovered Africa Dream Safaris. We were very pleased with the tour package that they offered to us. They laid out our itinerary with our suggestion in mind that we hopefully wanted to avoid as much as possible the tourist crush. They provided us with an excellent guide that specialized in bird watching; a modern, comfortable vehicle that served us well during our tour; and luxury small camp accommodations that were our preference. I am very pleased to report that we experienced an excellent game viewing tour with ADS. We added 53 new birds to our African Bird list and 3 new mammals to our African Mammal list.

Deborah and I are now saying to ourselves that we made a big mistake avoiding the Serengeti for so long. It is now our belief that it is the premiere game viewing location on the African continent. We would also highly recommend the African Dream Safari tour company to anybody interested in visiting Tanzania for the wildlife viewing experience. They handled us very well on our recently completed ninth trip to Africa.

Bill and Deborah C.
Dixon, Illinois
Safari Dates: October 3, 2013 to October 13, 2013


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  1. Love the photographs. Makes me want to hop on a plane and experience this myself. I actually know Bill and Deborah and their photography is first class.

  2. Outstanding photos! Brings back memories of 25 years ago in Kenya. I won’t be going again, but can relive it with your amazing “you are there” photos.

  3. Bill,

    My wife and I are near Joliet, neighbors almost. We were in TZ in July/August 2013 and are going back, somewhere in Africa later this year. I was quite interested when I saw you’ve been around the continent. Too bad we couldn’t talk more. We were thinking a South Africa, Botswana, Zimbabwe (Vic Falls) trip (Okavango Delta), but keep on coming back to the Serengeti/Ngorongoro Crater; this time with a little more lingering and less driving. Okavango is a safari-from-the-camp trip versus vs the Serengeti’s safari-is-the-show trip – and the camps were where we slept. Any thoughts with all your experience??? Kind Regards…

  4. Great shots – love the cheetahs. We have been with ADS on two previous trips and plan to go with them again someday.

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