We Were Treated Like Royalty

Our dream of a lifetime finally came true with the planning by ADS and the most awesome guide, Claude, sharing his experience and knowledge. Claude is more than adept and knowledgeable about all things Tanzanian. With an uncanny intuition, patience for repeated questions and professionalism, Claude lead us to some unforgettable experiences.

The first day was so much more than we expected and as like most others report, each day was better than the last. Several days we were amidst the wildebeest and zebra migration north with lines of animals as far as the eye could see. We sat and watched many troops of baboons, witnessed journeys of giraffes, coveys of ostriches and rafts of hippos. (Terms we learned from Claude)

The second day we witnessed up close and personal, a female lion with a wildebeest kill. While we watched, she got up and killed another! We saw the same day a cheetah resting next to a Thompson gazelle kill. We left that area for a bit only to return later to see a second kill with the cheetah. We had lunch under a tree that had 3 female lions and 3 cubs taking refuge from the hot sun. There were numerous elephant and different antelopes herds every day.

Also, while crossing a water covered bridge, crocodiles were cooling and fishing in the water fall. Another day, after a controlled burn, we saw a pride of lions (17) lounging around the burned areas. The next morning we passed by and they had a wildebeest kill with jackals trying to move in on them. We even saw a puff adder on the road, one of the most poisonous snakes in the world. There is just not enough space to write about all the favorite moments. Claude brought to life what a true safari is meant to be. We are ever grateful to him. I cannot say enough about the ADS experience. We were treated like royalty.

Susan H. and Ron P.
Petaluma, California
Safari Dates: May 19, 2013 to May 29, 2013

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