Dawn’s FAQ of the Week: Do you have any Luggage recommendations of what or where to buy?


Do you have any Luggage recommendations of what or where to buy?

When choosing luggage for your safari, let the terms “lightweight” and “easy to carry” become your mantra.  Many people will bring a lightweight rolling duffle bag, since it has reasonable capacity and is easy to handle, but the bag itself doesn’t weigh much.  Remember – each person is allowed only 33lbs of checked luggage on the small plane flight to the Serengeti!  But any lightweight bag will do.  Soft-sided luggage is typically preferred because it is easier to pack in the plane and vehicle, as well as typically weighing less than hard-sided luggage.  ‘Wheels’ certainly aren’t required, but having wheels may make it easier to transport your bag through the airports, etc. en route to Tanzania.

Some luggage manufacturers to consider: Skyway; Tutto; Travelpro; Samsonite; Atlantic, Briggs & Riley; Eagle Creek; Swiss Army; Jourdan; JanSport; American Tourister; High Sierra; Traveler’s Choice; Tumi; Atlantic; Andiamo.

Some Internet sources for luggage:

www.ebags.com;  www.magellans.com;  www.travelsmith.com;  www.irvsluggage.com; www.luggageonline.com;  www.worldtraveler.com;   www.luggage-and-leather.com.

A simple approach is to go to Google.com (or your favorite search engine) and type in the search window what you are looking for, i.e. “lightweight luggage” for selection from many sources.

To help aid you at the airport to identify your checked luggage, remember that colorful tags, baggage straps or even ribbons tied to the handles of your luggage are a great way to quickly identify your bag(s)!

You might also consider bringing along an extra bag, tote or foldable duffle (like this one) to carry souvenirs home with you.  You can leave this extra bag, or any extra luggage for that matter (such as winter clothing you might have worn while in transit to Tanzania, etc.), with our staff in Arusha for safekeeping till you return from your safari.


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  1. A great company with beautiful and functional luggage is Melville and Moon. They are based in South Africa and also have an excellent collection of photographs and campaign furniture available.

  2. I brought a Red Oxx “Air Boss” and their “Sun Chaser” with me for the 2+ weeks. We were the ONLY people on the flight from Amsterdam to Arusha with no checked luggage. Frankly, the lack of wheels encourages me to pack lightly. I had a few shirts and pants, and just took advantage of the very reasonable laundry services at the lodges. I still travel with the same luggage (with my ADS tags still on!), and even on small regional jets I rarely have to check. My packed weight I. The larger bag when I was in Tanzania was about 16lbs. In Paris last year the guy we rented an apartment from said we were the lightest travelling Americans he’d seen! You don’t need 5 pairs of shoes and 20 costume changes in the Serengeti! Can’t wait to get back – wet season next time!

    1. Hi Tracey, thank you so much for your note about the Red Oxx “Air Boss” and “Sun Chaser” luggage! I just looked them up online, and they look like the PERFECT safari companions!


      I think I’ll have to add that set to my personal safari gear wish list!

      Thanks again Tracey!

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