From Guide Francis Peter – Mother Cheetah with her three Cubs

I am just back from the bush having completed a wonderful safari from October 8th to October 17th.  One of the highlights of the safari was seeing a mother cheetah with 3 cubs on October 9th. This was along North East of the Serengeti on the way to Kleins Gate at Buffalo Luxury Camp. The cheetahs were looking for shade beneath one of ADS vehicles soon after they consumed a Thomson Gazelle.

I also captured a couple good pictures of a large termite mound (approximately 18 feet tall) on October 16th in Tarangire National Park. It is not easy for them to get that high because of the natural forces like wind, rain, and some animals digging them for sheltering or to prey on termites…eg. Aardvark.

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  1. I was on an Africa Dream Safari adventure a year ago in May. We were lucky to see a mother chetah teaching her 3 cubs to hunt. They caught a Thomson gazelle, and repeatably let it go so another cub could catch it. Although we thought it cruel, this is how nature teaches so all can survive. It was amazing and one of the highlights of my trip. We have a series of 100’s of pictures capturing the entire hunt.

    1. Jambo Denise,

      Thanks for sharing your cheetah story from your safari. I went and researched your post from last May and now I remember that amazing cheetah shot you mentioned. It was one of the best cheetah action shots we have seen. It’s awesome to be able to capture a cheetah with all 4 feet off the ground in mid stride. And, to get the gazelle in the same frame is amazing. I have reposted your cheetah picture here (right above your comment) so everyone else can see. Thanks again for sharing!

  2. Love the chetah with all four feet off the ground – I loved the safari I took well over a year ago, but did not see anything like that. Although a lion did run thru one of the rustic camps we stayed at – I didn’t see him but the staff did.

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