By Arnold Y. Mushi with Wilkinson Group

This is driver-guide Arnold Mushi writing from Arusha, Tanzania after the completion of another wonderful safari (October 21, 2013 to November 1, 2013). This trip was really very good and we had many good sightings during our 12 days together. We started from the North Serengeti along the Mara River and made our way down through the North Serengeti, West Serengeti, Central Serengeti, Ngorongoro Crater, Lake Manyara and finally Tarangire National Park. Along the way we stayed at several great camps including Buffalo Camp, Mbalageti Camp, Sametu Camp, Lemala Camp and Kikoti Camp.

Below are several photos that I took while on safari that I would to share with the ADS community:

-Two male lion brothers at the Nyamalumbwa plains – North Serengeti.
-Rhino at the Mara River – Northern side of the Serengeti with a calf.
-Elephant in the same area – Northern Serengeti.
-Young male lion (cubs of six months old) at Nyamalumbwa plains.
-Lion pride at Nyamalumbwa plains – Northern Serengeti.
-Heron at the grumeti river – western Serengeti.
-Sundgrouse at Mbalageti area, Western Serengeti. This is only bird to bring water into the nest with feathers when they have chicks.
-Grumeti river in the West Serengeti.
-Cubs at Central Serengeti.
-Zebras – Central Serengeti.
-Hunting movement was in the Central Serengeti.
-Lioness drinking at the Seronera River, Central Serengeti.
-After a successful hunt, he dragged the kill to start feeding. This was close to Sametu Camp in the Central Serengeti.
-Long crested eagle close to Sametu Camp.
-Flying Long crested eagle –at Sametu.
-Wilkinson close to termite mound at Tarangire National Park.
-Tawny eagle flying.
-Cheetah with cubs in Tarangire close to Silale Swamp.
-Cheetah with cubs on the move.
-Cheetah with cubs.
-Elephants close to Silale Swamp, Tarangire.
-Leopard rest at the black backed acacia next to Silale Swamp.
-Peal Scops Owl.
-Buffalo crossing the road in Tarangire National Park.
-Male lino and lioness beginning to mate in Tarangire National Park.

Arnold Mushi.

2 Responses to By Arnold Y. Mushi with Wilkinson Group

  1. Gayle Pastrick says:

    Arnold .
    Mambo Vipi? What time should we get started tomorrow? Haha!!
    Sandra and I thank you soooo much for the great time you and ADS showed us. You made the trip very special and one we’ll never forget.
    We missed seeing you our last morning in Arusha. Take care my friend and,”Mpaka sisi kukutana tena!” God – I hope that means till we meet again. POA!!!

  2. Arnold Y. Mushi says:

    Mambo vipi? Do you have a great time?? Thanks for the good pictures and don’t forget us as Africa Dream. Hahahaha…

    I am sure you will recommend this to all of your friends. Enjoy your week end.



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