By Patrick Kivumbi – On Safari With Group From Washington State

Good morning from Tanzania! My name is Patrick Clement Kivumbi and I am a driver-guide with Africa Dream Safaris. This time I was with a group of four persons from Washington State named Robert, Linda, Kristan and Darcie. We were in the bush from September 21st to October 01st 2013 and w had a wonderful time together with noteworthy wildlife sightings. The following are some of highlights during this great safari.

- Here you can see three lionesses around the lobo valley on the top of the Kopjes. They were enjoying the sun in the afternoon time.

- Two male lions again around the lobo valley.

- Another sighting in Lobo but this time with a big male leopard on the top of the tree with a grant gazelle kill. Everybody was amazed how big this leopard was. I was surprised the way the leopard was active and feeding without any shyness.

- Here you can see the leopard down from the tree protecting his territory.

- Now the leopard is resting under the tree after being full and exhausted.

- Here is a dik dik, the smallest antelope in the Serengeti.

- Zebras migration during one evening around Banagi hills heading to the safety of the Acacia woodlands for the overnight.

- It was a big party for the scavengers including vultures, jackals, and hyenas who were all fighting to feed on a fallen elephant.

-  We saw this action near Silale Swamp in Tarangire where a lioness successfully hunted a reedbuck antelope.

Patrick C. Kivumbi
ADS Guide

One Response to By Patrick Kivumbi – On Safari With Group From Washington State

  1. Darcie Hadkell says:

    This was an eye opening trip with Patrick! He was able to find things that most safari rigs missed! We were fortunate to have such a capable guide!!!

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