A Wonderful Experience For Our Family Of Ten

The trip was beyond amazing and we could never have imagined what we would see. A zoo will never again be any kind of experience. To see the various animals sharing the same space was something we never imagined. As our guide Michael said, “the animals know when the lions are hungry and hunting!” And, the vastness of the Serengeti was unexpected. It seemed you could see forever in any direction.

The first days, when we were near Buffalo Lodge in the North Serengeti, we went all day and only saw a handful of other people, pleasingly surprising. We all preferred that to the Central Serengeti where there were so many more vehicles trying to see the sites that some times it seemed like a traffic jam. The night and early morning game drives let us see different animals and different experiences. Such as when a giraffe nearly walked right into our van, and the lions mating.

Our guides became friends. They were well informed, and answered endless questions about the wildlife, social, economic and political life in Tanzania. We enjoyed the meals that we shared with them.

And, the accommodations were outstanding, exceeding our expectations. The only improvement opportunity would have been to have more time at the lodge at the Ngorongoro Crater. Thanks for your help in planning our trip. We had a wonderful time sharing this experience as a family and would certainly recommend the trip to anyone.

Hoping to return some day!

Andrea B. and Family
Farmington, Connecticut
Safari Dates: October 15, 2013 to October 21, 2013

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