By Godson Mbonye with Leslie, Emmaline and Ron

This is driver-guide Godson Mbonye reporting from Arusha, Tanzania. I am here to post my latest bush report. This time I was the guide for a group of 3 persons travelling from Oregon, USA named Leslie, Emmaline and Ron. The safari began on September 21, 2013 and concluded on September 27, 2013. It was a short but sweet trip! We enjoyed a total of 6 nights in the bush with 5 nights in the Serengeti split between the North and Central regions (Lemala, Buffalo and Sametu Camps) and 1 final night at the Ngorongoro Crater (Lions Paw Camp).

The wildlife activities started on September 21st at Kogatende Airstrip where I met the guests upon arrival at the Mara River or Kogatende Airstrip. We enjoyed the surrounding game drive circuit and had a good time watching the wildebeest migration cross the famous Mara River. We saw crossings on two different days.

The weather in the Serengeti was on cool side with the short rains taking place, which are small afternoon thunder showers. The bushes and grasses were green, which is a good sign for the grazers and browsers of the Serengeti. The cultural tour with the Maasai at Buffalo Camp was nice and I think a great experience for the clients.

The Central Serengeti game viewing did not disappoint and was as good as we would normally expect for this time of year. In the Ngoronogoro Crater we managed to see six rhinoceros in different areas. We ended with an early morning game to crater where we got enjoy some time with a large pride of lions.

Pictures are as follow:

- Two asinonixjubitus resting under shade by rocks land at Kogatende.
- The same family jubitus, second position.
- L’oxodanta siclotis, crossing Mara River in a way of wildebeest crossing migration.
- Wildebeest seen on crossing way at Mara River, number seven crossing way.
- The same herd on the same time heading on crossing way.
- Wildebeest seen wet after crossing the river. They were passing just in front of us.
- Family of cheetah behind a termite hill, not far from the Mara River.
- A fire ball lily flower shining in a bush as a red candle light during the early morning at Kogatende.
- A long line of Wildebeest seen on que into the water, with pretty vegetation on both rivers bank.
- Lions adults cubs seen hungry looking for prey on the plains at Kogatende.
- A King of jungle seen tired after having his lunch caught by the queen/lioness at Kogatende.
- Here the Queen of jungle prepared to catch a prey for the Kings Food.
- L’oxodanta Africana in a bush of acacia at central Serengeti.
- Food of King Lion eaten a half, had a pose for a while before keep eating his meal.
- Three leopards seen in these two trees while resting in its branches.
- Fish eagle seen standing on dead tree, within a nice view of landscape shown two horizons of Serengeti hills.
- Civet cat while hunting for small rodents in the Ngorongoro crater.

Godson Mbonye.

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