By Patrick Kivumbi with the Griffith Family – The Great Panorama

This is Patrick Kivumbi, a professional guide with ADS. My latest safari began on August 27, 2013 when I picked up my five guests visiting from Wyoming, USA at the Lobo Airstrip in the North Serengeti. We spent a total of 6 nights on safari together and explored the following areas: North Serengeti, Central Serengeti, Ngorongoro Crater and Tarangire National Park.

After I picked up my guests at the Lobo Airstrip, I provided a quick briefing including an overview of the Serengeti National Park assisted by a large fold out map. We then departed for our first game drive around Lobo Valley, which is one of the most beautiful areas in entire Serengeti ecosystem. We were luck to come across three big male lions not long after we departed. Further up into the Lobo Hills, we came across more lions with a topi antelope kill including a large lioness with three cubs.

The rest of the safari went very well and I would like to share with you the below photos which I took during the trip.

We came across this adult elephant in the woodlands surrounding the Lobo Valley that was trying to cross the road. The elephant was seemed surprised to see us and was behaving in an unusually aggressive manor by attempting to charge our vehicle. It was a very exciting moment for my guests and I.

Here you can see a small bush where a lioness had dragged her kill (a topi antelope). This is the lioness with  two cubs. The kill was very fresh but the lions were very shy and nervous of our vehicle. Unfortunately, we see this behavior too often in this area as it is not far from a private hunting concession.

On the way to Mara River around the Bologonja plains we encountered these two giraffes necking!

On the same road to the Mara river before reaching the Kichwa Tembo area, we came across a wildebeest carcass surrounded by some vultures. Here you can see a Marabou stork along with Ruppells griffon vultures and white backed vultures. It is the migration time in the North Serengeti and there are may vultures around.

A herd of wildebeest gathered themselves around the Mara river waiting to cross the river.

Finally one of the wildebeest started to cross and then the entire herd jumped down into the river.

A beautiful lilac breasted roller on top of a thorny acacia bush.

On the way to Mbuzi Mawe tented camp for a late evening game drive, we enjoyed this beautiful sunrise. The sun was setting over the a flat top acacia tree…the symbol of Africa.

Outside of the gate of Tarangire National Park while heading to Kikoti Tented Camp we spotted this beautiful leopard tortoise.


Patrick Kivumbi,
ADS Guide.

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