By Arnold Y. Mushi With Group of Four Guests From Connecticut

Jambo Everyone! This is Arnold Mushi, head guide with ADS, and I submitted my bush report for my most recent safari with 4 guests from Connecticut named Carol, Jane, Robert and Linda D. The safari dates were August 4th, 2013 to August 14th, 2013. We spent 6 nights in the Serengeti (Sametu, Lemala Mara and Buffalo Camps), 2 nights at the Ngorongoro Crater (Lion’s Paw Camp) and 2 nights in Tarangire (Kikoti Camp).

The trip was really very good and it was a very good time to start from the northern side of Serengeti and have the chance to see crossing of the Mara river. This was more than one time and the guests enjoy very much to see this.

Coming to Lobo valley we got the chance to see a very big pride of lions on the top of the one of the very big rock in Lobo and they had prey next to them. We didn’t have the chance to see them make the kill. They had almost finished have the carcass and they also killed a buffalo not far away.

Coming down to the Central Serengeti got the chance of seen three leopards including one female and two cubs very close from the road. They walked across the road and jumped up on a sausage tree.

The crater was also good as we saw three rhinos but not very close and more than ten lionesses with four male lions feeding on a buffalo, as well. This was very close to the Munge river in the crater. Lake Manyara was also very good site because we saw a big numbers of buffaloes, wildebeests, zebras, and baboons.

In Tarangire at Silale Swamp we spotted a female leopard with two cubs and also saw a very big python up on a black barked acacia tree. Also, a Serval cat around Silale Swamp and big numbers of zebras and wildebeests along Tarangire River.

Close to Lemala camp at the northern Serengeti we saw a lioness drag half of the body of a wildebeest but unfortunately we didn’t get the chance to see her make the kill.

The hyena chase of a very big herd of wildebeests and four hyenas took one them from the herd and made a kill. We stayed at the site for almost 3 hours to watch the whole action and the hyena starting to feed on it before the wildebeest died. We stayed their util the Vultures started to come along with Marabou Storks.

Thus, the pictures include: The hyena site when made the kill of a wildebeest, Lionesses with male lions at Simba Kopjes area, Lion pride at Ngorongoro Crater, Elephants at Silale Swamp, Elephant Site at the Tarangire river area, Serval cat at Tarangire, Warthog crossing the road, A python at black backed acacia tree at the Silale Swamp, An elephant at the northern Serengeti, After nesting cubs lioness drink water at the Nyamalumbwa area, Male lion rest up on the one of the Kopjes at lobo valley, A lioness drag the prey close to lemala camp – Mara river, Lions rest at the Kopjes at lobo valley, Two cubs have the view on the top of Kopjes at lobo valley, Crossing at Mara river takes about two hours, The pride rest under gardenia bush, Lioness with cubs relax and cubs nesting.


Arnold Y. Mushi,
ADS Guide.

One Response to By Arnold Y. Mushi With Group of Four Guests From Connecticut

  1. Carol DiGiorgi says:

    Jambo Arnold, we had a magical trip. What a pleasure to hear from you. I think about you every day. Your kindness and enthusiasm is a treasure. I find myself saying, every day is a good day in the bush very oten. Our trip was amazing, I hardly noticed the 30 hours traveling back home because the memories of our trip are so sweet, inspiring and unbelievable. We are all well and working on getting our pictures developed. The video is great and I watch it almost every day, it is a great record of our magical trip to Tanzania. Arnold, you taught me many things and the Tanzanian experience has fundamentally changed my outlook in ways large and small. I have learned that each day is a gift and I just need to do one simple thing each day. Simply, enjoy the beautiful gift God has given us to walk another day with the our eyes wide open, in wonder of his beautiful creation all around us. You are a good soul my friend.


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