Calling All Thrill-Seekers!

If you love adventure and are looking for an “off-the-beaten-path” escape into an untrammeled wilderness, Tanzania and a private safari with ADS are a winning combination! Get your cameras out, put your hiking shoes on, and get ready to experience a slice of rare wilderness that few people ever will!

A private safari will allow you to maximize each glorious moment.s No need to adhere to a fixed schedule. No need to limit your mileage or hours ‘in the bush’. No need to compromise your interests or fun to keep a group of strangers happy! Your expert guide will take you to the farthest corners of the wilderness to see and do the things most people only dream of.

Enjoy unlimited game drives to the farthest corners of the wilderness while other tourists putter no further than the main roads near their lodges. Embark on early morning adventures at first light while other tourists are still sleeping. Witness thousands of wildebeest and zebra on their annual migration. See the Big 5 as they roar, stalk, hunt, leap, stampede, battle and frolic in their natural habitats. Visit a remote Maasai Village, where visitors are a rarity. Hike to the elephant caves and waterfalls. Watch in awe as your vehicle descends into the depths of an ancient collapsed volcano. Add on even more adventurous trip options such as hot air balloon rides, walking safaris, bush flights, canoeing, night-safaris, authentic cultural interactions, and other incredible experiences that delight and inspire the thrill-seeker in you!

For more details including group-specific guest testimonials and a sample safari itinerary, please visit:

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