By Arnold Mushi – Wild Tanzania!

My name is Arnold Yahaya Mushi, a driver-guide with Africa Dream Safaris, and I have just returned home from the Serengeti and Ngorongoro. My safari was from April 3rd to April 9th, 2013 and I had the pleasure of accompanying two guests named Donna and Sharon.

We had an amazing safari as you can tell from the pictures. We were celebrating one of my guest’s 60th birthday and I think a great birthday present was having a cheetah jump on top of my car (scroll down to see the picture). We saw many lions, cheetahs and leopards not to mention big groups of the wildebeest migration and also elephants, crocodiles, hippos, rhinos and many different species of antelopes to name just a few. In fact, on our first day of safari we saw the Big 5!  Please enjoy my pictures below.

This is my 3rd time posting to the blog since our company began a new policy, which allows many of us guides with ADS to take small pocket cameras to the bush to record the wildlife viewing highlights. To see my other postings, you can click on my name at the bottom of this posting.

This is the Sametu lion pride. They were only 75 metres away from Sametu Camp in the Central-East Serengeti. It was very exciting to have such a large pride very close to where we staying and we enjoyed their roars each evening.

The whole pride together.

One of the resident male lions of the Sametu pride on his usual spot atop the Sametu Kopjes.

Another one of the resident males marking his territory at Sametu Kopjes.
The view at sunrise from Sametu Camp.
A breeding heard of impala – big numbers of  females with only one male.
Elephants around the Moru Kopjes, Central Serengeti
Big crocodile in the Seronera River, Central Serengeti.
Lion paw prints very close to Sametu Camp.
This little cub finished feeding on a rib from a zebra, close to Sametu Camp.
Two cubs resting with a mother cheetah around the Gol Kopjes area, East Serengeti.
The female cheetah scratching before going hunting.
A lion trying to drag a wildebeest kill while surrounded with vultures in the Gol Kopjes, East Serengeti.
Black backed jackal on top of one of kopjes in the Gol area with a beautiful view of Ngorongoro Hills.
Black backed jackal.
Mother with two cubs on top one of the kopjes.
The Gol Kopjes LION pride feeding on a young wildebeest.
Another shot of the gol kopjes pride, East Serengeti.
Donna and Sharon watching the cheetah on the top of the car.
Cheetah on top of the roof.
Cheetah resting on my bonnet.
Three cheetah cubs playing with a white stork, but they didn’t kill it. This was near Hidden Valley in the South Serengeti.
Cheetah cubs catching a white stork close to Hidden Valley, South Serengeti.
Mother and cub feeding on a young wildebeest between the Ndutu woodlands and Naabi Hill in the South Serengeti.
Rest time after feeding.
Female cheetah dragging her gazelle kill under a nearby tree.
Cheetah feeding on a grant gazelle. Note this cheetah is pregnant.
Flamingo’s at Lake Ndutu in the South Serengeti.
Bat-eared foxes resting before going down into their burrows. This was very close to lake ndutu and it was around 0630hrs in the morning.
Wildebeest calf nursing close to Hidden Valley, South Serengeti.
Young brothers playing in the Ndutu Woodlands, South Serengeti.
Mother and her cub (young male) in the Ndutu Woodlands.
A lioness scratching before hunting.
Three cubs resting under the tree, i.e two young females and one male about 1.5 years old in the Ndutu Woodlands.
Big male lion resting close to Lake Ndutu.
Male lion and his cub in the Triangle plains in the South Serengeti.
Dung beetlee rolling the dung at the Olduvai Plains.
Serval Cat crossing the road.
This Serval Cat was hunting just about 100 meters  from Lion’s Paw Camp in the Ngorongoro Crater.
Male and female Ostrich on the crater floor. They are thinking about locating a good place for nesting their eggs.
A leopard climbing down the tree.
Egyptian goose family in the Seronera Valley of the Central Serengeti.
I hope you enjoyed my pictures.
Arnold Mushi / April 10, 2013

4 Responses to By Arnold Mushi – Wild Tanzania!

  1. Sharon Lyon says:

    What a wonderful time we had with you!! AMAZING sightings!! Best safari ever in over 60 x’s

  2. Wendy Armitage says:

    Arnold- your photos are wonderful – from the cheetah shots to the elusive dung beetle! Thanks for sharing.

  3. patti sayre says:

    These are fabulous photos. The best that I have ever seen! How did you get to see so many leopards and kills?????

  4. Donna says:

    Great pictures, wish we were there again!

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