Dawn’s FAQ of the Week: What are the distances between places, and how much transit driving can we expect?

“Transit driving” is a big turn-off for most people, and here at ADS we certainly don’t like it! Nobody likes to waste their precious moments in Africa driving from point A to point B without anything interesting in between. The whole idea behind our “fly in, drive out” program is to minimize transit.

Luckily, once you get to the Serengeti, most of the lodges are going to be logistically situated within an easy 1-2 hour drive from each other (if you were to drive straight without stopping that is). So there is some driving, but the vast majority of these drives are through the heart of the National Park so they are a “game drive”, not just a “transit drive”. (As a result, the drives themselves do take longer than they would have to, but that’s only because you are stopping to enjoy all the animal viewing opportunities along the way!) You have a private guide and vehicle to take you out on these game drives, between properties and anywhere else you might like to go.

There are two exceptions with longer drives, that occur on separate days on a traditional itinerary, 1) the day you are transiting between the Serengeti National Park to the Ngorongoro Crater (approx 2 to 2.5 hours, gate to gate), and 2) the day you are transiting from The Ngorongoro Crater to either Arusha or Tarangire National Park (3.5 hour drive, gate to gate). Most clients find these drives still quite doable, and also find the sights in between very interesting (villages, farmlands, etc.) But if you prefer we can also build in additional flights to accommodate these longer distances.

One Response to Dawn’s FAQ of the Week: What are the distances between places, and how much transit driving can we expect?

  1. James says:

    It would seem that with Ngorongoro and its huge concentration of animals in 150 sq miles that you would simply stay there in a tented camp for a week, then do Kilamanjaro.Ive done the Everest base camp andAnnapurna base camp three times and at 62 I really don’t think I can do Kilamanjaro in 9 days.i think I need 14 days and my girl friend as well.What do you think of my logic and what are we talking in price.
    Thanks Greg

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