By Reggie Matemu – Friendly Cheetahs!

My name is Reggie with Africa Dream Safaris. My recent safari started on 22nd March 2013 with four guests and ended on 30th March 2013 with thankfully all four guests! The safari was a huge success in terms of the numbers and variety of wildlife we encountered.

I have been very lucky with cheetah over the last couple of months. On my last safari I was with three cheetahs who were very friendly and came close to my vehicle in the Gol Kopjes area of the East Serengeti. On this safari out on the Ndutu Plains in the South Serengeti, I had four cheetahs who jumped on top of my vehicle. This happened on the 26th of March and the guests and I really enjoyed this experience.  The next day I found another group of cheetah cubs, a mother cheetah with four cubs, and they started to play with us and also jumped up on my vehicle. Here are some pictures of these friendly cheetahs and also some others from my safari. I hope you enjoy them!

Here is a cheetah and my guest posing for a picture together out on the Ndutu Plains in the South Serengeti.

Lions in a sausage tree near Moru Kopjes, Central Serengeti. These lions decided to climb for some rest after devouring a kill.

Early in the morning we came across a mother cheetah with her two babies having  breakfast at Sametu Kopjes in the East Serengeti.

Two large male lions.

Baboon on the front of my car.

My favorite cheetah.


Reggie Matemu
ADS Driver-Guide
April 4, 2013

9 Responses to By Reggie Matemu – Friendly Cheetahs!

  1. Pam North says:

    I’m so envious of your experience. Great photos!
    I wish you continued success with your cheetah sitings and interactions!
    Warmest Regards,
    Pam & Jeff Kinney

  2. Jan Jeffries says:

    Hello Reggie! So wonderful to see your smiling face! We will never forget our awesome ADS experiences with you. Thank you for sharing this story.
    Our best always,
    Barry and Jan Jeffries

  3. Steve Monroe says:

    Hey Reggie – Linda and I were very happy to see your smiling face and sharp eyes again. We had such a good time with you those many years ago and when you were in Los Angeles. Don’t retire without letting us know so we have a chance to bring the kids and grandkids over.

    Steve Monroe

  4. Michael Kross says:

    We had a wonderful time on our safari with African Dream Safaris in 2010 and Reggie was our guide. Besides being knowledgeable, energetic, and entertaining, Reggie took full advantage of opportunities and situations to give us a very memorable trip. While on our safari we saw a leopard walk right by our vehicle and drank water from a puddle, a leopard kill (a vehicle from another company drove right by and missed it), a pair of lions plan and chase a kill, two brother lions jostling over a kill (with the older brother covering and hogging the food), and an old wedded lion seduced by a young lionness in front of his wife(his wife ran away with the old lion chasing her to make up), and many cheetahs, giraffes, buffalo, monkeys, baboons, hippos, elephants, and other lions, leopards and animals. We also saw the wildebeest/zebra migration, which was quite a sight and one of our goals. Though not often mentioned, the scenery was also very beautiful and dramatic. Glad to see that Reggie is doing well and still having that Reggie luck for his guests. All the best to you, Reggie.

  5. Cindy Ressler says:

    Greetings Reggie! My husband and I were on a safari with you in 2010. It was truly a trip of a life time. Since then I have visited two other countries in Africa. Without hesitation I can say that nothing has compared to the ADS private safari experience, the awesome beauty of the Serengeti (in a league of it’s own), and your expertise as a guide. The experience was amazing in so many ways.
    Great to see your smiling face again!

  6. Antonella says:

    I can’t wait, my husband and I are going in 2 month! The pictures are breathtaking, the site to have the cheetah so close and surreal!

  7. Re ggie says:

    thank you so much for your comments i am real happy to share with you those pictures and this can make me close to you ,and i promise to send you pictures every safari so that you can remember Ads Reggie and my country Tanzania.

    • Ann Johnson says:

      Reggie you continue to amaze me! What a great picture of the cheetah. Rachel and I send our best to you. My friends continue to be entertained by our pictures of our time with you. Thanks for all you did to make our trip special

  8. Lucia says:

    This is amazing Reggie nice picture .All the best

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