By David Chando – Serengeti in the Green Season

Greetings from Tanzania. My name is David Chando, driver-guide extraordinaire, and I have just concluded my March safari with clients Linda and Bob from the U.S.A. We saw a tremendous amount of wildlife for a relatively shorter duration safari. It was amazing! We had 3 nights camping at Naabi Hill, 2 nights at Lake Masek Tented Lodge and 1 night at Ngorongoro Crater Lodge. The green season is one of the best times for a safari and it always amazes the guests the diversity and abundance of game that can be seen in just a few days. Follows are a few of my pictures I took while on the trip.

Warm Regards,

David Chando
ADS Driver-Guide
March 19, 2013


Eat my friend, before the vultures are here.


Lion and Lioness.
Look there is plenty of food around, don’t worry.


Lion Mating.
Let us make more lions in the Serengeti.


Wooh…am I late :>


4 Responses to By David Chando – Serengeti in the Green Season

  1. Wendy Armitage says:

    David- We’ve been waiting to see a post from you or Everest! Our group of 10 from Como Zoo in Minnesota still think of you both fondly and reminisce about all the great adventures we had on our 2006 safari. Hopefully we can return someday for another wonderful adventure! Take care and we look forward to your next post!
    Wendy, Chris, Barbara, Terri, Vicki, Arlene, Colleen, Judi, Jan and Janet

    • David chando says:

      dear i have a bit occupied but again was great to read a short msg from thanks either is good that you think of coming bark Serengeti has a lot to offer as repeater client

  2. Arlene Scheunemann says:

    I just read the post from David Chando who was one of oue driver/guides on our trip to Tanzania in 2006.
    We really enjoyed both of them- they were so full of knowledge as well as being very efficient. I would really enjoy getting on the mailing list of ADS. I’m looking forward to another trip to Africa.

  3. Fred Trail says:

    It was great to hear from David again.
    We had the pleasure of having David as our guide back in May of 2010. David came recommended to us by a co-worker and we were not disappointed. He was extremely knowledgeable and kept us constantly informed about all the animals, birds, plants and geology we could see as well as the history of the Serengeti.
    It was the greatest trip of our lives (so far) and we are looking forward to another trip in the next one or two years.
    Fred & Beverly from Colorado

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