Picking ADS Was The Best Decision We Made!

A trip to Africa on a safari was something that I had always dreamed of. When I talked to my husband about it, we decided to make the dream come true sooner than later. The first step to making this trip come alive was doing our research and figure out which safari company could best meet our needs of what we wanted to both see and do. There are so many companies out there to choose from, but there was something about Africa Dream Safari’s website that caught our eye. We read every detail on the website and requested a brochure. It was the best decision we made! Africa Dream Safari took care of everything, from the time we were picked up at the airport, to the time we were dropped off at the airport.

Sharon played an essential role in planning our itinerary, and now that we are home and looking back at our trip, there is not one thing we would have changed in that itinerary. She worked with us, giving us an itinerary that would give us the best experience of Tanzania. Her emails were always prompt and very informational. We also felt the Africa Dream Safari handbook was excellent in making sure we were entirely prepared for everything when out on safari.

Another person who played an extremely important role in the success of our trip was our guide Michael. We realized early on in our safari that without a superb guide our trip would not be the “trip of a lifetime”. Michael was a superb guide! Everyday he had something new to show us. We would be driving along and suddenly come to a stop and he would see a dark spec in the distance that ended up being something spectacular to watch. We may have seen some of the same animals each day, but each day brought something new and different to view.

Michael was very flexible with us in letting us watch the animals as long as we wanted or had suggestions for other viewing options. He was a joy to be with and everyday when we parted for the day, we thanked him for another incredible day. He was extremely knowledgeable about the animals, birds, trees, plants and his country. He was a fantastic guide!

Our itinerary consisted of a variety of lodges. We stayed at each lodge for two days, then would move on to a new lodge and a different area of Tanzania. We were able to see the beautiful countryside of Tanzania when traveling to our next destination. We thoroughly enjoyed the opportunity to stay at so many different resorts.

Our favorites were the tented lodges, so we were happy to be able to stay at more than one tented lodge. The tents gave us the sense of being so much closer to nature and the animals. We still remember the thrill of seeing a Cape Buffalo right outside our tent, on our second night, while being escorted back to our tent from the dining tent. Or, watching the Zebra and Wildebeest off the deck of our tent. The tents were not like the camping we are used to, but instead had all the luxuries of home. The staff at all the lodges were extremely friendly and very welcoming.

After 10 days of safari, it was time for our trip to come to an end. This safari exceeded our expectations. There is not one animal that we wished we could has seen, and did not see….we saw it all. On our flight back home, we talked about what was each of our favorite parts of the trip. We both had a difficult time coming up with just one favorite part. This was a “trip of a lifetime” and we each had many favorite parts and Africa Dream Safari made it happen….Thank You!

Tina & Shawn L.
St. Paul, Minnesota
Safari Dates: March 11, 2013 to March 19, 2013

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