By Emmanuel Kichao – There is no remorse in nature…. It is wildebeest calving season.

Jambo… Im Emmanuel Kichao a guide with ADS, just got back from the bush with my good clients Toni & Richard Olsen.We had a wonderful time and good timing for the Wildebeest calving season as they give birth all in a week or two to fill all the predators bellies  so few get eaten and many survive…… This Leopard had a baby wildebeest kill up on the tree and we got there right on time….

Four cheetah cubs and their mother not in the picture they found this wildebeest calf in the morning, as many of this young’s get lost at night when there is a chase or moving of the big herd. So  mother cheetah  let the cubs learn how to kill and it was so funny watching them.










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