The Best of 2012

It has been an incredibly rewarding year here at Africa Dream Safaris. The stories, pictures and videos submitted from returning guests over the last 12 months have been spectacular and even inspirational. I thought it would be great fun to revisit some of the more exceptional postings from our blog during 2012 and highlight some of the most remarkable photographs. Note: Please click on each link to access the entire original posting.

Best Overall Photo Collection – by Jeff and Ginger Smith: If you missed this posting from June 2012, make sure check it out. Simply click on the above link to see the complete collection of photos. This was Jeff’s 2nd safari with ADS and the pictures were incredible. My personal favorite is the shot of the critically endangered wild dog (the 2nd picture in the full blog posting).

Wackiest Video – Lions Eating ADS Tire by Tom Poole - Click on this link to watch a very entertaining video of lions chewing on one of our tire covers. It never occurred to our designers that having a head shot of a male lion on the tire covers would illicit this type of reaction. But, it has happened several times this year.

Best Detailed Bush Report by Dawn Anderson - Wow…check out this extraordinary report from our very own safari consultant Dawn Anderson who details her safari to the Serengeti in January 2012. Great pictures too!

Best Cultural Tour Picture  – This picture speaks for itself. One of my very favorites of the year!

Best Crocodile Picture by Bruce and Amy Power  – Simply Wow!

Best Honeymoon Blog Posting by Jacob and Liz – There is a cheetah picture in this posting, which is one of my all time favorites. It depicts a mother cheetah who has just killed a gazelle and is now watching for danger (marauding lions and hyenas) as she lets her 4 cubs begin eating. Cheetahs have to eat quickly on the Serengeti plains as their kills are quickly taken by larger predators.

Best Cheetah Picture by Bradley Parks and David Rivenbark - David and Bradley captured some truly professional grade pictures. Make sure to have a look at their full posting.

Best Bush Report – Huge Lion Kill Near Our Home  - This was a thrilling report from our friends at the Serengeti Lion Project where they witnessed the large local lion pride (23 lions in total) bring down a buffalo just 150 meters away from their house.

Best Hyena Picture by Mark and Donna Thomas - A classic hyena shot here. Hyenas are actually very capable hunters and are the most abundant predator in the Serengeti.

The Scariest Video by Randall and Barbara Myer - Click on the link to watch a thrilling video of two male lions fighting over a warthog. Turn the volume up and watch the ending. Randall and Barbara also had a superb wildebeest migration video too.

The Most Adorable Picture Of The Year by Kevin, Roger and Eddite Watson

The Most Unusual Posting – The Bizarre, Quirky and Deadly - Spotting the rare pangolin is equivalent to winning the safari lottery. Even our most senior guides have only spotted a few times over their extensive careers.

Best Giraffe Shot by The Harkey’s

 Best Posting By A Driver-Guide by Arnold Mushi – Great job Arnold!

Best Elephant Photo by Jan Duggan - A very tender moment captured here.

Best Group Picture – We were delighted to host Stewart Tours this past May in the Serengeti and even more pleased with the results.

Best Safari Journal by Mark Bumler - One of the best journals I have ever seen matched up with over a dozen  photos. Mark traveled in the green season when many animals are born. There are some great shots of baby cheetahs, baby lions and even a baby wildebeest being born.

Best Landscape Photograph by the Leighton Family

The Most Endearing Photo – Best of October

Best Video Of The Year  - Click on the link to watch 3 extraordinary videos taken along the Mara River in the North Serengeti.

Best Leopard Photo by Sandy Jacobson - Simply an amazing picture.

Best Bird Photo by Randy and Rhonda Soth – Martial Eagles’s are powerful air-borne predators!

Best Macro Photography Example by Gary and Nancy Prade - Gary and Nancy also captured a Puff Adder on film, which is one of Africa’s deadliest snakes.

Best Primate Photograph by Steven and Suzanne Omlstead – The beautiful black and white colobus monkey. See the full blog posting for some more unique animals that Steven and Suzanne captured including a greater kudu, eland, crocodile and wild dog.

Best Scavenger Picture by Chris and Terrence Campbell - This picture is unique as it depicts a common scene out on the Serengeti plains with a spotted hyena, black backed jackal and lappet faced vulture all sharing in the spoils of a scavenged cheetah kill.

The Most Thrilling Video Of The Year – ‘Pop Up’ Gina - My favorite video of the 2012!

 Top 10 Serengeti Highlights – Documents very well why the Serengeti is simply the greatest national park in Africa.

Best Zebra Picture by Dave and Judy Washburn – Dave and Judy witnessed 4 separate hunts in 1 day while on safari with ADS. That’s a company record!

Best Hippo Picture by Peter and Lynne Hare - Peter and Lynne captured some amazing moments on their safari. Have a peek at their full blog posting.

The Most Famous Safari Of The Year – Author of the Bradt Travel Guide to Tanzania - This year we hosted Phlip Briggs (author of various safari guide books including the popular Tanzania guide) and his wife and professional photograhper, Adiadne Van Zandbergen, on a 2-week safari in Tanzania.

Best Wildebeest Migration Pictur by Bob and Diana Brodel - They also auquainted us with the phrase “Mal d’ Afrique’, which means that restless urge one experiences after spending time in Africa to make a return visit. We figure that’s a good marketing slogan for us to have!

Best Rhino Photograph by Gerd and Susan Grave - Gerd and Susan also had many other top notch pictures. Have a peek at their full posting to see their baby elephant shot, which was a close runner up.

The Best Live Birth Picture by Stephen and Mariglyn – Stephen and Mariglyn had extraordinary timing when coming across this mother zebra giving birth!

Most Endearing Picture by Dave and Fiona Friar

Best “How Did They Capture That” Picture by Jim Barbara and Madeleine Hill

Best Smile Of The Year Photo by Steve, Jody and Matthew Jochams

Most Artistic Photo Of The Year by Michael and Usha Rafferty

Best Buffalo Photo by the Clinkscales Family

Best Lion Picture Of The Year by Rolf Jacobson – Now this was a tough category with hundreds of extraordinary lion pictures to choose from. However, this lion pride photo take by repeat ADS guest Rolf Jacobson stood out especially with the 2nd picture of his children watching the aforementioned pride.

Best Family Safari Of The Year – Last, but certainly not least, who can forget the Maguire-Moore family who traveled with us in April 2012. It’s always extra special having young families go on safari with us.

3 Responses to The Best of 2012

  1. Alicia Miller says:

    Stunning collection of photos. I am so excited for my safari in April…about 90 days to go!

  2. Ginger says:

    Thanks for collecting and sharing these spectacular photos. They bring back wonderful memories from our trip with ADS in September 2012. If anyone looks at these photos and questions whether they should go on safari……..question no longer and just do it!!!
    You absolutely will not regret it with ADS.
    Happy travels

  3. Dana McClure says:

    So great to see the best moments all in one place. Kudos to ADS guests for taking such stunning photographs – they just keep getting better!

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