Amazing Migration Videos

WOW! Check out these 3 extraordinary videos taken a few weeks ago along the Mara River in the North Serengeti by guests on safari with Africa Dream Safaris. Make sure to expand the videos to full size by clicking the expand icon arrows at the bottom of each video. These really need to be expanded to full screen to truly appreciate!

The 2nd video is especially endearing and features a zebra family assisting a young foal cross the river and then up the muddy embankment to safety. The 3rd video is equally as stunning at about 20 seconds into it when the wildebeest begin launching themselves into the Mara River. If you have been following our blog postings and newsletters over the last couple months, you already know what amazing river crossings we have had this year. The crossings started late this year (our first major crossing was seen by our guests on July 26th) but the late start was quickly made up for with consistent crossings all throughout August, September and October.

Again, make sure to click the expand icon arrows at the bottom of each video.

Watch how the adult zebras protect and assist the young foal in crossing the river and climbing up the muddy embankment in this video below.

Watch starting at about 20 seconds into the video as wildebeest being launching themselves into the river in this video below. Amazing!


One Response to Amazing Migration Videos

  1. Donna Archer says:

    Wonderful footage!!! I was so relieved when the baby zebra climbed up to safety.

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