Tales from the Bush, FAME Medical Tanzania

It was Friday afternoon. 48 patients had already been attended at the FAME Outpatient Clinic in Karatu, Tanzania (just outside the world famous Ngorongoro Crater). Four were still being monitored, on IV drips. Our Medical Receptionist, Jacob, received a call from a neighbor. His little boy had fallen into a sharp piece of wood and was bleeding from the head. Jacob arranged for little Baltazari to be transported up to FAME .

He arrived with his mother, bleeding, scared and in pain. Jacob carried him into the Clinic, where Dr. Mwaluko examined the injury, a puncture wound to the scalp just above his right ear. The source of the bleeding was unclear but indicative of a laceration of the temporal artery. After sedating him, he was taken to the procedure room where teams suspicions were confirmed. Dr. Mwaluko successfully ligated the artery and stopped the bleeding much to the relief of everyone.

In rural Tanzania, it is not uncommon at all for neighbors to become ambulance drivers, for doctors and nurses to find themselves providing emergency medical care to family, friends, colleagues and, in this case, the child of a colleague. In locations like ours, there are no other options. It is truly the human spirit at work.

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