Words from Peace House Secondary School

The needs of Africa are many and can appear overwhelming, but just as a furnace that melts gold starts with only a spark; education is the spark to ignite positive change and to reshape the future. We believe in the power of education to change lives.  We look back at the past and what we have accomplished, and we touch the future by making a difference in the lives of otherwise desperate Tanzanian children. We are proud of each student at Peace House Secondary School. Their effort and resilience is a constant reminder of our commitment and of the aspirations for Tanzania and the African continent at large.

Knowledge is an indispensable catalyst in bringing about community change. We are certain that most of Africa’s current problems can be solved with proper allocation and use of the available resources within the continent. This can only be achieved by disseminating knowledge throughout the community and harnessing local technology and ingenuity with a business- minded approach in the global context. It may be a complex process, but worth the price if there is to be a better world in the future.

To make a donation to the Peace House of for more information, please visit http://www.peacehouseafrica.org/donate.html . Your donations to Peace House Africa go directly to helping vulnerable children including AIDS orphans receive an invaluable education. In Tanzania like many countries in Africa, a strong education simply means HOPE. Every contribution makes a BIG difference: $35 covers the cost of school uniform; $75 purchases one desk and chair; $160 provides a dorm room bunk bed; $450 provides all meals for a student for one year and $1,200 sponsors one student for an entire year.

Africa Dream Safaris is proud to be a major sponsor of Peace House.  Monthly donations by Africa Dream Safaris help the Peace House provide vulnerable children with the opportunity to receive a quality education in a nurturing environment. Financial support by African Dream Safaris focuses on the Peace House School, which is a unique boarding school for over 240 AIDS orphans.

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