Passports: Minimum Blank Page Requirement

Current immigration rules in Tanzania require that all travelers have at least 1 blank page, clearly marked “VISA” and free of any other entry/exit stamps reserved in your passport for the exclusive use of Tanzania Immigration stamps. However, we are concerned that in the future Tanzania Immigrations may adopt a minimum 2 blank page rule, which is currently being practiced in both Kenya and South Africa. Accordingly, we are recommending all travellers at this time to have 2 blank pages, clearly marked “VISA” in their passports when Tanzania is their sole destination.

Travelers who do not have the required blank pages may be denied boarding at the point of departure. Traveling to both Tanzania and Kenya may require 4 blank pages. If combining Tanzania, Kenya and South Africa, 6 total blank pages may be required, etc.

Please note that the blank pages must clearly be marked “VISA”. The blank pages may NOT be the “AMENDMENTS and ENDORSEMENTS’ pages. In U.S. Passports, the amendment pages are typically pages 22 – 24 but check your own passport carefully to be sure.

Again, these “Amendments and Endorsements’ pages do NOT count towards the minimum blank page requirements. Furthermore, travelers who do not have the required blank VISA pages may be denied boarding at your point of departure. We have had guests recently who were denied boarding a flight from Atlanta to Johannesburg, South Africa as they only had 1 blank Visa page and not the 2 blank Visa pages required for travel to South Africa. Guests did have several blank amendment pages (pages 22 – 24 in their specific passport) but these could NOT be counted towards the minimum blank page requirements.

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