Quote of the Week: Karen and Bob Baker

Let’s just be honest! It is totally impossible to put the Serengeti experience with ADS into words. Everyone tries, but fails.

The Driver-Guide slows—–is it a rut in the road, or has he spotted something?

A black rhino is hiding in a group of wildebeests and zebras!! Rhinos are shy, you know. This sighting is particularly thrilling because it is approximately 3:00 in the afternoon and since our 6:00am departure, we have seen lions, cape buffalos, elephants, a leopard and now a black rhino. THE BIG FIVE all in one day!!

Between the awe inspiring sunrises and sunsets, the days are full of amazing moments. Remembering that this is not a zoo and expecting to be constantly searching for animals in the far distance, we were completely unprepared for the unending stream of wildebeests and zebras crossing the road, the elephants heading toward the water hole, actually running!! The giraffes nibbling the treetops right in front of us and the once in a lifetime opportunity to actually follow a male lion stalking a juvenile cape buffalo and then having lunch. The fantastic animals, magnificent birds, vast and varied landscapes were right in front of us, with our talented Driver-Guide leading the way.

Returning to our lodge late one afternoon, several elephants were right by the road and as usual, we wanted to take a picture. Our guide stopped and I remarked that sadly the light was wrong; he replied….”What about the ones on the other side of the road?” There they were, another group with perfect afternoon light!!

One day we decided to relax at the fantastic lodge, catch our breath, read and swim. However, that was the day the wildebeest arrived! From our balcony we watched the entire landscape fill up….not just wildebeest and zebras, but one family group after another of elephants heading to the water hole just beneath the swimming pool!! We estimated we saw over 400 elephants. It was magical and surreal.

A heartfelt thank you to all at ADS. From our first call to Dawn to the final good-bye at the airport. you were simply the best!!! Now we have the memories and the impossible task of putting them into words. It can’t be done!!!!

Karen and Bob Baker
May 2011


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