Quote of the Week: Gillian Thomas

I just wanted to compliment [ADS] for running and organizing such a professional trip for us. It truly was awesome and we shall never forget it.

Our particular trip was made so special not only by the excellent organization and accommodations but by having the good fortune of travelling with [our guide]. He is very special: a fund of information about the wildlife and their behaviors, an ability to see animals that most other guides seem to miss, and plants and birds. He is modest in the extreme, always willing to impart enough information without being overwhelming and happy to repeat it if we forgot. He is also patient and flexible about meeting the groups needs and desires. His wealth of experience [as a park ranger] before joining African Dream Safaris surely showed in the ways he guided us. He shows no signs of boredom despite probably having done many trips but he demonstrated such enthusiasm and joy with our delights in things.

From the perspective of a few days in Dar at my meeting I was able to see even more how you managed to overcome some possible travel difficulties for us that to others might have seemed insurmountable. We did realize that doing business in Africa to the high standards that you have may not be easy! I don’t know whether we will have a chance to do it again with you, or something similar, but certainly feel Robin should experience it when she is able. I am likely going to be doing some work with the cancer hospital in Dar so maybe another opportunity will arise. Thanks again.

Gillian Thomas
October 2009

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