Quote of the Week: Leslie and Scott White

Wow! There are no words to describe the adventure that is an African Safari! We had never been on one and I think, no, I know, it would not have been the fantastic wonder it was, if it was not for ADS and their incredible crew. From [our ADS rep’s] help in planning, to all the staff in Tanzania, and the over the top lodging, all aspects of the trip were everything we desired and more!

The Serengeti landscape is so beautiful and surprisingly varied, the drives throughout the land just mesmerized us. I can honestly say even if there were no wildlife sightings, I would still have enjoyed every minute of it. But of course, there is an abundance of all species of animals and that is just SO thrilling! We saw it all thanks to our wonderful guide!

You never forget the first time you see lions, elephants, giraffes, leopards, the list goes on and on! Other firsts included: a moon-rise over the crater and dawn breaking in Lobo, while eating breakfast, watching the wildebeest in their migration on the terraced hills across the river. Enchanting is the only word for the scene, the lighting was magical! I will never forget it! We were struck by the absence of any hint of man in the Lobo Valley: no signs, no litter, no telephone lines. Just a Garden of Eden in every direction, as far as the eye can see. We can now name more African birds than we can North American! I strongly recommend reading up on the wildlife before a visit, it’s exciting to spot the animals and birds that you’ve read about.

All I can say, is from the first game drive, we have been planning how we can make it back to this marvelous country, and soon!

Leslie and Scott White
October 2009

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